N is for… No

Can I use your laptop?
Can your driver drop me there?
Please search for some images for my presentation.
Can I drop my kids at your place for 2 hours?
Should I go for that party?

These are perfectly harmless requests that come our way from friends, colleagues, neighbors  and even our very own heart or brain.

It is easier to say Yes! images (1)
And there could be a number of reasons…
…we don’t want to be rude
…we want to avoid having any conflict
…we are kindhearted, always helping soul
…we don’t want to miss out on any opportunity

But for the times that we say Yes, a small voice is struggling to come out and say No!

It can be difficult to say No whether in personal life or at work.

But saying Yes when we want to say No, can have negative consequences
…it may stress us out
…may have less time to do our own important work
…the other person may take us for granted

However, sometimes we have to say No…
So, that we can say Yes! to ourselves.

Do you say Yes, when you want to say No? What have you said No to recently?

Images courtesy : Google Images