O is for… Online Shopping

I can shop for anything online as long as it is Books!

Chided by my sister (who is not so crazy about books), last month when I received quite a few gift vouchers for online shopping, I scanned these shopping portals for long.

I looked at Clothes. The huge variety with cool discounts fascinated me, the ease with which you can select the size of your dress with the help of size guides… shopping for clothes online should be a breeze, I thought. But then a new thought struck me. I am so choosy about clothes, I mean, I don’t pick even a T-shirt till I have tried it in the Trial Room. So shopping online by just ogling at the pictures, will that work, I wondered. Though these sites have a return policy but the hassles are too much.

And then I remembered my online clothes shopping experience some time back (The gift voucher was from a clothing line, so there wasn’t any option but to buy clothes) and I had to get them altered despite taking utmost care in selecting the ‘right’ size.

So, the clothes were discarded. And I looked at other options

Footwear? Hmmm… I am not too sure of my shoe size. That was an excuse, I know!
Oh, I don’t need shoes! This sounded so alien to even my grey cells as I instructed them to come up with this answer!

Accessories? HandbagsSun Glasses? I’d like to see how they look on me in the mirror before deciding on anything, I reasoned.

Cosmetics… I don’t use much and am not too interested in them either.

Watches… I don’t wear one anymore!

Fashion Jewellery… I don’t wear fashion jewellery either! I love my diamonds too much!!

Gadgets/Home Appliances : Nah! Don’t need them. Actually, whatever I need is too expensive to be bought from GVs worth a couple of thousands!

Gosh, as I type this, I know, I sound so very boring! But you know what, I am very happy being me!

Then, I explored the men and the kids shopping sections too and the result… Yes, you guessed it right…nothing could take my fancy!

After spending a long long time, I finally decided to buy these…


20 books in a month!! And I am on cloud nine!!

In fact, so much is my love for buying books online that I have stopped buying books from a shop or a store. The discounts are cool and the service is impeccable.

Flipkart is my favourite portal for online shopping of books. Snap Deal is good too but I don’t like their policy of pasting stickers on the crimp of the books.

What are your favourite places for online shopping? And what all do you shop online?

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  1. Now that’s my pet topic. I looooove book shopping online. I am either planning to buy them or buying them. And I am sooooo jealous of your bookpile. 20 in a month! Slurp!
    But Flipkart is way too expensive, sometimes 70-90 rupees. Why you still buying there? Why not try smartprice.com or indiabookstore.com for buying. I always take the best deal. And by the way, Indiatimes is giving 10% extra off on books worth Rs 300 or more. I am definitely buying something. Yoo hoo 🙂

    • Same here, I keep looking at the books and keep adding them to the wishlist 😀
      I got the GVs from Flipkart so had to buy from there only! 😀 But I simply love their service… the last time I shopped, I got the courier in 22 hours from placing the order! Will check out the sites you mentioned. Thanks for sharing :))

  2. Wow! An impressive set of books! Personally,I have only bought books through online shopping! However, I still go to a bookshop, browse through books, come back and order online! 😛

    • Now-a-days, I buy books only after I have read the reviews from fellow bloggers. So, that negates the need to go to a bookshop and browse the books there. This I started doing after a lot of disappointments of picking a book based on its cover! 🙂

  3. Flipkart is my fav too. I get all my books there. And what a haul you have! I have read ‘If its not forever’ 🙂
    I love online shopping,for books or otherwise. My camera, laptop…all are through online shopping. 🙂

  4. That is an enviable pile! i am crazy about online shopping too, but like you i keep it to books alone. Flipkart is my favourite too when it comes to service. But now that someone has menioned about the discounts in other sites i might check thoseout too . Good post 🙂

  5. O.. dats so cool.. u have been buying so many books… I have read 5 of them…
    Go for Truth of my Life if not done yet… its touching and a true story..
    I have been exploring online shopping as well.. recent one has been Jabong!!!


    • I can see that you are a voracious reader too, Manjulika 🙂
      Havent read The truth about me as yet! How is the experience with Jabong, I have never shopped there!

  6. I like to shop for books on Flipkart but otherwise I don’t do any online shopping. I prefer to go outdoors and do shopping with friends. Wow, 20 books in a month!! I bet you are on Cloud Nine indeed!!! That’s great. Do post reviews once you’ve read them!

    • Shopping books online is simply great because you can never go wrong with them. For rest of the things, I need to touch and see before buying so like you shopping in the market is what clicks for me too.
      Thanks… surely will do that 🙂

  7. uff! even our library does not add so many books to their stock, shilpa. Lucky you, enjoy reading and share the reviews.

    Regarding online shopping….I brought a blender through a flipkart voucher that i earned through a blogpost. i have not done much online shopping though but of late i love the home decor items displayed in some of the sites.

    • LOL 😀 Asha 😀
      Yeah, FB feeds are full of websites promoting such attractive looking artifacts and decor items… but I love shopping such things after having that touch, see, feel experience 😀

  8. I hardly buy books thanks to online library membership but I buy everything else online. I do my groceries and veggie shopping online. I buy clothes too and even stuff like kids’ toys, backpack etc. Totally love the convenience and the discounts :).

  9. Ahhh…I felt as if I am reading about myself 🙂
    I don’t wear watch,not a fashion jewelery fan, can’t decide about bags or sunglasses by looking at the screen.
    I got some Flipkart vouchers, this time thought of something else other than books. I bought one tote bag which was utterly disappointing, the only thing which is useful online buy other than books is a ‘potty seat’ for Mishti 😛
    So, next time without experimenting I got books & books only 🙂
    Btw, I generally compare the prices of books online in KBookSearch –
    http://www.kbooksearch.com/ …Flipkart is bit costly 🙂

    • I can relate to your tote bag experience… some friends experienced the same too… I guess, one cant go wrong for branded items but the non-branded ones are a bit dicey!
      Agree about Flipkart being costly… but these books were bought from the GVs from their site! 🙂

  10. I too buy books from Flipkart. They have a good collection. Recently bought one book from snapdeal, but the delivery was quite late. I also buy electronics/mobiles/accessories from Flipkart. I am not comfortable buying clothes online due to colour/size differences.

    Destination Infinity

    PS: Looks like one book in the above is non-fiction. Do let me know if it is good…

  11. When I got my Kindle I almost cried with joy. I love buying books so much that with every purchase I giggle. I really should acquire a life. I call myself a book slut.

  12. Ahhh! I am bad at it… I am finicky about clothes and accessories or rather confused… So basically may be I dont know what exactly I want until I can try things first! So online shopping is not for me!! Its good that you indulge in reading. Buying others’ thoughts and experiences are one of the most valuable assets!!!

  13. You are a girl after my own heart and how I envy you for your neat pile . Flipkart is my favorite store too :)My mom is more of an online junkie than me and gets her stuff from various shopping sites 🙂

  14. Hiya,
    Nice post, I can associate the happiness of buying books online with myself.
    Sometimes we get coupons from Scientific and quiz associations, thanks to my husband’s scientic profession and also for his quiz mania. This year, we got a coupon for around 200- 250 pounds. We bought Hilary mantels, Julain Barnes, Sherlock Homes (enture TV series collection- Jeremy Brett, David Burk’s), ‘Who do you think you are’ series 6,7,8 and some collectors edition books. I am on cloud nine. 🙂
    Even during those times when there is no such coupons, we buy books we want atleast twice a year, online.
    We also buy Kannada books online as we are away from home. Selecting the books we want and waiting for them to arrive at our doorstep, this feeling is too good.
    3 weeks ago we bought nearly 10 kannada books from India through online.

  15. Sooooo many books???? WOW!!!! I too prefer buying books from such portals as there are no chances of product going wrong (as happened with my handbags). Flipkart is my fav website.

    • I still have to form a bond with e-books! I have read a few e-books but nothing matches the experience of reading a book in its physical form! But e-books are the future!

  16. Oh my dear Lord, you are like my online book shopper twin. Every time I’ve got vouchers, I too have browsed through all categories and then settled only on BOOKS! Loved this post, Shilpa. And oh movie tickets are another thing that I go online with…..baki sab, the conventional way.

  17. Till now I am indulging only in books…that too minimal cos’ I do not have a place to keep them. I purposely do not buy anything else…do not want to get addicted to that.

  18. I do a lot of online shopping, but I mostly buy CDs, Books, Phones…If there was a bad shopper for clothes its me, I can’t pick one when I am in a store…so I like this idea of shopping for them online…haven’t bought one yet…but will…and then let you know…
    Though I have to add…Online shopping is much more transparent these days..

    • Hmmm… they may be transparent but all of them are not all that efficient! Have experienced delays and slow response, which totally takes the fun out of the online shopping experience. Shopping for me has to be an Aha! experience! 🙂

  19. This just so me. I mean I am absolutely like you when it comes to online shopping. I buy nothing else online except books. And such is the case now that I buy books online only. I once bought a set of earring. Though it was pretty I realized that it was heavily overpriced. Then I have scan some more jewelleries but chucked the plan due to their prices. They costed between 300 to 700+ but trust me I bought the same stuffs from lajpat nagar central market for belo rs. 100. As far as clothes and footwares are concerned I cant make myself to buy them without trying them first. I love to wear watches but I prefer buying them too by trying on me 1st.

    Homeshop18 is a very good portal for buying books because it offers much higher discounts. Try it too.

    • My point exactly… have seen friends getting sub standard quality and high priced products! I guess, OS is good for those products for which you can just not go wrong like books and the branded items…

  20. I am not a big fan of online shopping- but I do use Etsy for gifts because their items are cute and handmade. Other than that, I stay away!

  21. Wowww…Now, I am totally JJJJJJ about your books 😛
    Shilpa, honestly do you get time to finish all of them? May be you are a super speed reader yaar..These days, I hardly finish one book. I keep getting them from library, renew it infinite times until I get a warning call for fine and then return them back 🙁 Well, am happy for you…keep reading 🙂 And keep doing Online Shopping 🙂

    • LOL, Latha. 😀
      To be honest, I have these spells when I finish reading one book a day and like this I finish reading at least 4-5 books in a week. And then there are times when I just dont get time to pick a book despite carrying it in the bag when out of home and then immediately keeping it back on the side table near the bed… I am a quick reader too, so may be that helps too! 🙂

  22. Wow, that’s a lot of books for sure! Happy reading. I don’t prefer buying clothes, shoes online for the same reason I like to try them on. Yes, books seem to be the best stuff to buy online, or some home decor stuff.

  23. I buy a LOT of clothes online. I don’t get that kind of variety in stores and I don’t have the patience to go from shop to shop and buy. I buy books from landmarkonthenet.com or Indiaplaza, very recently flipkart added a minimum buying thing for shipping and I’m off it, the prices are much costlier than others too!