O is for… Online Shopping

I can shop for anything online as long as it is Books!

Chided by my sister (who is not so crazy about books), last month when I received quite a few gift vouchers for online shopping, I scanned these shopping portals for long.

I looked at Clothes. The huge variety with cool discounts fascinated me, the ease with which you can select the size of your dress with the help of size guides… shopping for clothes online should be a breeze, I thought. But then a new thought struck me. I am so choosy about clothes, I mean, I don’t pick even a T-shirt till I have tried it in the Trial Room. So shopping online by just ogling at the pictures, will that work, I wondered. Though these sites have a return policy but the hassles are too much.

And then I remembered my online clothes shopping experience some time back (The gift voucher was from a clothing line, so there wasn’t any option but to buy clothes) and I had to get them altered despite taking utmost care in selecting the ‘right’ size.

So, the clothes were discarded. And I looked at other options

Footwear? Hmmm… I am not too sure of my shoe size. That was an excuse, I know!
Oh, I don’t need shoes! This sounded so alien to even my grey cells as I instructed them to come up with this answer!

Accessories? HandbagsSun Glasses? I’d like to see how they look on me in the mirror before deciding on anything, I reasoned.

Cosmetics… I don’t use much and am not too interested in them either.

Watches… I don’t wear one anymore!

Fashion Jewellery… I don’t wear fashion jewellery either! I love my diamonds too much!!

Gadgets/Home Appliances : Nah! Don’t need them. Actually, whatever I need is too expensive to be bought from GVs worth a couple of thousands!

Gosh, as I type this, I know, I sound so very boring! But you know what, I am very happy being me!

Then, I explored the men and the kids shopping sections too and the result… Yes, you guessed it right…nothing could take my fancy!

After spending a long long time, I finally decided to buy these…


20 books in a month!! And I am on cloud nine!!

In fact, so much is my love for buying books online that I have stopped buying books from a shop or a store. The discounts are cool and the service is impeccable.

Flipkart is my favourite portal for online shopping of books. Snap Deal is good too but I don’t like their policy of pasting stickers on the crimp of the books.

What are your favourite places for online shopping? And what all do you shop online?