P is for… Poetry and I

I have a disability. I was aware of this shortcoming of mine but chose to keep it a secret. I believed that it was my little secret and nobody would notice it. Also, this disability never posed any threat or an embarrassment to me or to those around me. I was happy in my cocoon or was it that I had brushed this issue under the carpet and it was safe!But since the last fortnight, I was inadvertently forced to accept this disability of mine.As you are aware since April 1st, I am participating in this A to Z Challenge along with a lot of fellow bloggers. This everyday blogging challenge has opened our blogs to a whole new set of bloggers which is a fabulous experience. Apart from reading and observing the various thoughts and views on varied topics, one is exposed to the different styles of expressions too. So, in a day we come across bloggers who specialize in writing fiction, some share travelogues, some write about personal experiences, then there are haikus, picture posts, some tips and tricks, some learnings and sermons and a lot of poetry.

While, it is fun to read so many forms of expressions in a day, there is one form which baffles me to no end.

When I see the words like “The clear blue sky over the sea”. My grey cells do not have the ability to interpret the above sentence to something which talks about hope, possibilities, creativity, peace, freedom of expression or even melancholy! Nope, my brain understands it as “The clear blue sky over the sea”. And when my brain interprets X as X and not X= A+B-D, the problem starts.

Yes, you guessed it right, the disability that I have is that I can’t understand poems. There I said it!

In this new blogging network of mine there are a lot of poets. Seeing their work of art, painting beautiful imagery with the words of their hearts and soul, I am filled with awe and admiration.

Since, Confessions are the in-things, now-a-days, I would like to confess …

#1.My new blogging friends whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and interacting because of this challenge are very dear to me. If somebody finds time to read what I have shared and leave their footprints on my blog through a meaningful comment, it means a lot to me. To show my appreciation for their time and feedback on my blog, visiting their blog and interacting with them is the least I can do. It is similar to picking up your phone to speak when somebody calls you.

#2. So, while other forms of expressions make for a breezy read, the poems are a bit tough for me to comprehend. The reason you know, my brain interprets X as X and not… I may finish reading a regular blog post in 2-3 minutes, but the time that I spend on any poetry blog is anywhere between 15 minutes to full ONE day! I read the poems again and again, sometimes after a break, sometimes with a cup of tea for inspiration or enlightenment to understand the magic the poets have created with their few words. Most of the times, the enlightenment dawns and I am able to understand a bit of what the poet wanted to express and sometimes it eludes me completely!

So, all you poets, how many of my grey cells were burned to understand your intricate and complex constructions with words… well, go figure it out yourself!