T is for… Twitter


I have a series on my blog which is called Ten on Tuesdays. What a coincidence this is that the alphabet T for this A to Z Challenge is scheduled for a Tuesday!! So, this gives me a perfect opportunity to do my Ten on Tuesdays, today for alphabet T!!cooltext468162920
Ten Things I See on Twitter
  1. I am a very active Twitter user. No, I don’t tweet much but I simply read. I hardly tweet. In fact, whatever tweets that can be seen on my Twitter profile are all my new blog post links. No, I don’t tweet them manually, but a setting on the blog allows the link to be posted on Twitter as soon as a new post comes up. Whenever and wherever I get a few free minutes, I am reading Tweets. Whether, it is while waiting for the doctor in his clinic or travelling or waiting for a friend somewhere and even before sleep takes over, I am reading Tweets on my phone. All this gazing the phone for Tweets tells me about some patterns the tweeters follow…
  2. Ask anything… Yes, you can ask anything on Twitter and the twitterati  will come out in full support and give you the advice, suggestions, tips… All you have do is just ask. So go ahead and ask for the directions to a club or the location of a post office in Bandra or a skin specialist in Lucknow. Hell, you can even tweet ‘Hunger has struck again, what to eat?’ And even this, “Extremely low BP and I am shivering and sweating like hell….what to do?”TwitterBird
  3. Have a craving for something? Satisfy it on Twitter : No, you need not go into the kitchen or step out of your home to buy that thing… just tweet…’Koi Jalebi khilayega’, ‘Coffee de do koi’, ‘Koi Chennai mein Beer pila do’. You can even tweet “Feel like smoking. Anybody near Barakhamba Rd?’
  4. Random or trivial things… Believe it or not even the most random or silly thing or something which would not be relevant to anybody else but you can be shared on Twitter. So you may tweet, ‘just met someone who was carrying a rainbow colored polka dotted plastic bag’ or that you are on page 239 of Maximum City or that you are going for a haircut or that you murdered a mosquito or simply tweet, ‘Yaawwnnnnn’.
  5. Tell the world what you are eating/drinking… I just had a glass of the Fratelli Shiraz Cabernet Franc, says one. Bournvitaaaa says another. Fried fish. Rice. Chicken Pepper salami..onion and cheese chicken sausage.. Lassi.. 2 Pieces of Bournville and 2 Rasgullas tweets somebody. Post the pictures of the food you are eating as a picture is certainly worth a thousand words.TwitterBirdShouting
  6. Crib or complain about anything and everything : May be cribbing about something gives that inner peace. So one can crib, crib, crib on twitter till the cows come home… ‘Dear Monday, behave.’  ‘What a facepalmworthy piece of shit is the new Lays Ad.’ ‘Bloody global warming’, ‘Congratulations! Petrol prices have increased’.
  7. Social Service :  You help yourself by helping others, and Twitter helps you in reaching out to someone who needs help. ‘A friend is in the hospital and needs blood immediately in Delhi… If you have an O positive blood group…’ or ‘An AC bus has broken down on Matunga Flyover. Caused a major jam. Please avoid that route’ And of course you can also tweet, “I have made dinner for 2, anybody cares to join me?’
  8. Live Tweets : You are watching a cricket match or at a conference or at a meet… just create a live newsfeed with your Tweets of course with your expert comments. ‘Dhoni in pain..he’s out..CSK still in!! RR great catch!!’ ‘CSK while stranded on a rooftop, was waiting for Dhoni’s helicopter to rescue, it crashed. Haar ka Shubhaarambh
  9. No Tweets just conversations : Yes, there are people who believe in the power of a conversation. The Phone, WhatsApp, BBM, Gtalk, FB Chat are passé and Twitter is the place to have long conversations.
  10. Narcissism: You love yourself and people love you too or that’s what you believe, so promote yourself on Twitter ‘Andheri folks, I’m here at Shopper’s Stop. Drop by and say hello’. ‘Yayy, I now have 1000 followers’. ‘Kisi ke paas Dominos ke online coupons hain to de do please’ or simply keep changing your profile pictures every few hours!
Which is your favorite way to use Twitter?
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