X is for… X-Mas Gifts

Despite studying in a convent school for a good 14 years and being exposed to the Christian culture, prayers, carols, chapels…  Christmas was never celebrated at our home.

When our little one started going to his play-school, things changed. Christmas was celebrated in his school, 2-3 days before the D-day and he got to know about the concept of Santa Claus and gifts, among other things. Commercialization of festivals by the advertisers and marketers added to his knowledge of Christmas.

Not to dampen his enthusiasm, we got a small Christmas tree home and decorated it too. A gift was duly bought and the regular story that Santa got it for him, was sold to the child. His face lit up in a huge smile and we smiled to see his happy face.
Every year after that ‘Santa Claus’ visited our home on Christmas eve and delighted Aaryan by presenting him gifts of his liking and choice.

This continued for a few years and one fine day Aaryan announced, “I’d like to have a PlayStation 2 CD this time as a Christmas gift” .

He had finally figured out the real ‘Santa Claus’.