Y is for … You!!

This post is all about YOU!
YOU, the participants of this fabulous A to Z April Challenge and YOU the readers of this blog.

We are inching towards the end of this challenge. The interactions which spanned nearly a month have given us some interesting insights about all of YOU!

  1. The Super Leader : Corinne Rodrigues, you have been a motivator par excellence  and the life line for all of us. Pushing us to realize our potential to go and reach that extra mile, this challenge has been a fun-filled journey only because of you!!
  2. The Specialists :
    1. Poetry : Though your poetry burnt a lot of my grey cells, Laxmi, Preetilata, Sridevi, you have some awesome talent in sharing a story or an emotion or a thought in beautifully flowing words.
    2. Parenting: With Cynthia sharing the lessons of the life from A to Z with her children and Roshni writing the anecdotes from her parenting journey, you two ladies have created a legacy for your children which they will cherish forever.
    3. Story Teller : Writing a story which has chapters from A to Z, and changing the story line on noting the reactions of the readers, Bhav.Zz you are a master story teller. You have the power to keep us hooked and riveted as Milan and Asha met and embarked on life’s journey together.
    4. Haiku : Pheno Menon, you have been phenomenal in saying so much with a few words and an amazing picture, always.
  3. The Collaborators: Sridevi and Meena, you taught us that in union there is strength. Collaborating with family and friends and making them a part of this challenge too was a novel idea.
  4. The Satirist : Blogwati Gee, you used wit and humour as your weapon to share your thoughts and that never failed to bring a smile or a laugh at the other end.
  5. Jack of All Trades : From poetry to stories, pictures and random musings, travel tales to memoirs, Priya, Janaki, Sulekha, Afshan, you believe in looking far and wide as there are worlds to conquer.
  6. The Photographers : Dhiren and Shail, you  showed us that it takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer. And that photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. You showed us that it is truly a creative art.
  7. The BrainiacClarissa Draper, you proved that codes and puzzles are cool and you also made us think hard and long in creative ways until we either figured it out or begged for the answer.
  8. Randomness is Epic : The world is governed by chance. Randomness stalks us every day of our live and this randomness was so easily captured by you Ruchira, Naina, Privy Trifles, Nandana, Sharmila, Nibedita, Pallavi, Diana, Suzy, Kajal, Genevive, Meera, in your posts which were so varied in nature.
  9. Inspiring and Informative : Vidya, you with your posts told us that knowledge is power and that information is liberating. You believe that an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest and that is so very true.
  10. Regular Readers : You’ve heard the saying, “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did it really happen?” Well, if a blog doesn’t have any readers, does it really exist? Without readers, a blog is lifeless. Asha, Rachna, Smita, Vinita, Mrs Usha Menon, Mr BK Chowla, Reshma, The Little Princess, Megan, Dee, Nana, Gwen Gardner, Found in Folsom, Rajesh, Rama, Priyaa Arora, Seena, Contemplatingme, Indrani, Obsessive Mom, Anu, Dishit, Jayashree, Deeps, Anil Kurup, evanescentthoughtsReema Sahay, Malini, Mr Rahul Bhatia, Shilpa Sharma, Damyanti, Swaram… you have given a sheen and shine to this blog.
YOU all are Rockstars!  A BIG THANK YOU to all of YOU!!