May Photo A Day : Day 7 : Something Beginning With F

Goldie and Ginnie, our pet gold fishes, have been with us since 2006.

No, the gold fishes don’t live that long and given the feng shui belief that whenever a fish dies, it takes a part of your bad luck or misfortune. And you know, how life is!! So, many of our gold fishes have died since 2006, but they have been always replaced with new ones. So, though many fishes have given us company for the last 7 years, their name remains just the same, that is Goldie and Ginnie!! And since they don’t respond to their names like a pet dog or a cat would, anyone of them can be called by either of the names, as neither do they mind, nor do we!!

Goldie and Ginnie are wonderful pets. It’s so refreshing and relaxing to see them dance around in their bowl. Watching them is always a pleasure. And the bestest thing about them is that they are so low on maintenance. Just a feed in the morning and a weekly water change of their bowl, that’s it!!

No waking up at ungodly hours or even in rains or harsh winters to take them out for sussu-potty, and they never chew your favourite slipper or bark unreasonably.

You don’t have to take them to the vet for vaccinations or buy accessories and special food that costs a bomb.

Your home is free from tufts of hair and they are certainly not messy while eating food!!
They never attack or scare anyone and none of the neighbors complain about them.

I can go on and on talking about our Goldie and Ginnie, but to sum it up, they are the most beautiful friends we have at home… silently adding joy happiness and peace in our lives.

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.