May Photo A Day : Day 6 : Broken

After I had vetoed a lot of ideas for broken things (a broken toy, a broken Jenga tower, a broken handle of the Grinder jar, a cracked glass…), I remembered once reading about Broken Cookie Syndrome and it had fascinated me then.

Do you remember that you did something small, for example broke a glass, and you burst into tears. Your family or friends told you, “It is only a glass!” But your tears just didn’t stop. They kept gushing out like the water from a dam. Of course, it was not about that broken glass. It was the reservoir of pent up emotions inside you, the back log of stored emotions that found its release through the broken glass. And after a good cry, you felt better. Ever experienced that? Well, that was the Broken Cookie Syndrome you felt!

So, I immediately broke a cookie and clicked it.

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.