May Photo A Day : Day 5 : Paper

These are papers alright, but not for us!

These are the precious, priceless possessions of ours which are dearly cherished.

These have

  • Sterling stories : My ball went out of the school. A passer-by threw it back inside. I thanked him. Bhanu is my new friend. He is very creative and is from Mizoram.
  • Tiny tidbits : Someone threw my toothbrush. I have ordered for a new one.
  • Information and intimation: I got 74 in Maths, 46 in Hindi… I am eating well. Don’t worry about me.
  • Small successes : I have ‘qualied’ for the marathon. (‘qualied’ is the slang for qualified!)
  • Failings and flaws: Today we had artificial wall climbing. I was able to climb only till the division. I lost my football.
  • Appealing appeals: Can you send me a Beyblade metal fusion? My tuck is nearly over…
  • Fun with friends : At night we play hide and seek in the dormitory.

These notes have a lot of spelling mistakes and a lot is crossed-out and written again.

These have graduated from a 5-6 liners to a full page now.

These are the messages that we look forward to see with our eyes, read between the lines and feel the expressions shared.

These are the little notes that Aaryan writes to us from his Boarding School…

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.