cooltext899708953What is the 7x7x7x7 Writing Prompt?

  1. Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf.
  2. Open it up to page 7.
  3. Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page.
  4. Begin a poem/a piece of prose that begins with that sentence
  5. Limit it in length to 7 lines/7 sentences.

The 7th book on one of the shelf of my library cupboard is… And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. The 7th page of the book reads, β€œAnd then one day, he gave them proof”…

And then one day, he gave them proof.

He remembered that some of his initial feelings were doubt, denial and disbelief.
With time, all the pent up helpless rage formed a wrecking ball inside him.
With each passing day, his belief was getting stronger that only truth shall set him free.
But his truth shattered the lives of all around him and was met with doubt, denial and disbelief.
He was beyond any caring now.
His sanity was more important than protecting his abusive father.

This is in response to WriteTribe prompt.