A Warm Welcome…

Welcome to this new home for A rose is a rose is a rose!

I am so thrilled to have this new place for you and me!

A dear friend suggested that I should write a nice welcoming post on this new space. Nice post?? Well, when you are pulled in a million different directions,with full speed,  a coherent, sensible, flowery post is a far cry from reality.

  • I am so hassled at the moment… the maid didn’t turn up today, it’s her third consecutive leave from work and the kitchen looked like being hit by a hurricane. When I called her on the phone, her husband picked up the call and informed that she has left for work. I called again after 15 minutes and look at the cheek of the guy, he disconnects the phone. I called again and he disconnects thrice. Yes, I can be very persistent (a pest in other words!). I blasted the guy when he finally picked up! To cut the story short, I became the maid. On busy days like these and no maid is a sure shot recipe for bad mood coupled with headache!
  • I am leaving tonight for a workshop in Shimla and I have a hundred things to do before that… pack my bags which has to include rain wear and woollens too. Have to send so many official mails and revert on some too.
  • I have to go to the beauty salon too and I guess, I don’t have time for that! But I cant afford to miss going there!
  • My tummy is growling and the breakfast is lying on the table too but there isn’t any time to enjoy the breakfast in peace too!
  • The blog transfer is also taking place today. Yes, it could have been delayed for a day or 2 but then the excitement of moving in a new home is something that I want to savour NOW!
  • Another dear friend from Chennai wanted some artefacts from our Pink City. The vendor has promised to deliver the goods, so have to rush to the interior wall city in the peak rush hour of the evening and collect the goodies and then courier them too today!
  • KG bought a new handset for me yesterday and I am so much in love with my new phone. I look one moment at the laptop  and one moment longingly at the phone. I have so much to explore and configure on this new tech gadget, but I guess, work is priority and it needs my attention.
  • The comments on the my blog are unanswered and the unread blog post count on the Bloglovin’ has reached in 3 digits!!!

It is one of those days, which has all the ingredients of a blockbuster movie… excitement, exhilaration, exigencies, exertion, exasperation…

While I carry on with my day, hope you have a great day!

And once again, a warm welcome, hope you enjoy your visit here!

Cheers! 🙂