UBC Day 5 : Live Blogging From Agra Station…

Hi from the city of the Taj Mahal. I am at Agra Cantt railway station, going back home from a 4 day workshop here. It is hot and humid and I can’t wait to sit in the cool comfort of the train. I am pretty early and the train is a bit behind schedule.

For the first time I saw a lady porter. Wish I could have captured her in my camera. A woman propably in her thirties, wearing a red kurta with the railway porter’s badge on her arm. A tough choice of profession for a woman.

The best thing I like about Agra Cantt railway station is that the overhead bridge connecting the various platforms has a slope and not the stairs. It is so very convenient. I wonder why there are staircases to connect the various platforms at stations when everyone travels with bags and suitcases here.

A lady came up to me to help her search for a call which she had received at 3.25 pm on her mobile. She explained that she is not familiar with new numbers and English. A good deed done for the day.

I am writing this post from my phone, which is a first for me. The sensitive touchscreen makes it a bit tedious to write a long post. I am writing this paragraph for the third time. Dont know where the earlier two attempts have vanished. Aah! Just did a bit of R&D and found both the earlier typed paragraphs at the end of the post!! Just remembered Smitha and Deeps who have been blogging from their phones from such a long time. Hats off to you, ladies.

While I was busy observing the things around me (you see, one needs to be vigilant enough to note the blogworthy happenings), I didnt realize that my train’s arrival had changed from platform no. 2 to platform no. 3. I realized only when the train was arriving at platform no. 3. Fortunately, didnt had to walk much to find my coach. What a bliss it is to be sitting in the air conditioned coach.

A family of 4 is sitting opposite me. The teenage sons are busy arguing over who would occupy the upper berth and who gets to use the Tablet first and have involved the parents in their bickerings too. The husband is super active while the wife is simply observing the 3 men without any expression. She smiled warmly at me after I had settled on my seat but has no smile or a word for her family. She is intriguing me. A beautiful and a well educated lady, she appears to be. One can never know what goes on in somebody’s head or what’s their true story. An hour into the journey and she has just murmered a ‘thanks’ when the younger son while offering a pack of biscuits to her said ‘ladies first’. And now she has gone off to lie on the side berth. She truly seems to be upset and/or unhappy. Ah! The travails of life.

Should post this now ASAP. Hope it happens without any hassle. Cant wait to reach home. KG is cooking an elaborate meal for us. Some nice food and a messy kitchen awaits me.

See you all on your blogs from tomorrow. Reading time now and it is time to be offline as ‘Ohh! Gods are Online’ . Yes, that’s the book I am currently reading.