UBC Day 21 : And I Blushed…


Wikipedia says, blushing refers to the involuntary reddening of a person’s face due to embarrassment or emotional stress, though it has been known to come from being love-struck, or from some kind of romantic stimulation. While many would have experienced the cheeks and/or ears being ablaze due to that thing called love. I specialize in turning beetroot due to embarrassing situations I love putting myself in.

It was my first day at work as Management Trainee. After the initial introduction with the sales team, which left office for work in the field soon after, the boss gave me a pile of product manuals to familiarize myself with. I was asked to sit in a small conference room.

For a good 4 hours, I sat alone, pouring over the fat manuals and pushed my brain to assimilate the various product features, advantages and benefits. The pantry boy came in twice with tea and water, which prevented me from dozing off on the first day of my first job.

Around, 2.30 pm, the pantry boy came again, this time with a plate, which had a vegetable patty and a pastry. An intelligent head would have wondered about his reason for placing the earlier 2 tea cups right in front of me and keeping the plate with patty and pastry at the far end of the table. But, not me.

I was hungry and tired and bored too, so without a thought, I gobbled up the food and kept the used plate on a side table for the pantry guy to clear later.

Feeling all sated and happy, I busied myself with the reading once again. 5 minutes later, a senior manager (SM) from another division entered the conference room. I was not introduced to him earlier in the day. He looked around the table and went out immediately only to return with the pantry guy (PG).

SM: “Where did you keep my lunch?”

PG : “I kept it here.’’ Pointing at the exact location.

An otherwise dumb me understood the situation in a flash of a second but was dumbstruck.

Seeing the flushed look on my face the SM could make out the exact location of his patty and pastry. He murmured an OK to the PG and was about to leave the room, when the the PG added, “Sir, I had kept it here, not more than 5 minutes ago.”

The SM’s smile which was laced with amusement and amazement did that to me. And I blushed deeply.

After that whenever we all used to get together at work, he would never fail to pull my leg for gobbling up his lunch in such a short time. And I would turn a shade darker, always, at that faux pas.

Whenever, I remembered this incident, my head would say, “Who cares?” But then my heart would whisper, “You do, stupid…” and would promptly turn red and see red too.

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