Ohh! Gods Are Online..

Book - Ohh! Gods are Online

Title : Ohh! Gods Are Online..
Author : Rashma N Kalsie and George Dixon
Publisher : Srishti Publishers & Distributors
ISBN : 978-93-80349-94-7
Number of Pages : 216
Price [INR] : 150
Genre: Fiction

From the Blurb : Ohh! Gods Are Online.. is a magical tale of real gods, corrupt men and virtual worlds.

What if the Gods were living in the midst of mankind? What if the Gods were as confused about life’s meaning as humans? What if the Gods were addicted to social media?

Ohh! Gods Are Online.. probes life’s questions as Chris, Krishna, Nick, Buddy Roy and all the bigger and smaller Gods get chatting online.

Ohh! Gods Are Online.. is a surreal novel co-authored by 2 writers who have never met.

Review : The central idea of this book is that Gods are present among us as humans and are now exploring the new online world.  Jesus Christ is Chris who lives on a little English seaside village, Clacton-on-Sea, a happy place where the dead souls are welcomed. Lord Krishna is in his role as Krishna, who lives in a chawl in Delhi and works as pantry boy in the dietetics department of a hospital – making the final journey of the people who are dying, a bit easier. Buddy Roy, is the Buddha, Ati, is the God of Atheists while Nick is the God of Evil.

Through Facebook, the Gods connect with each other and discuss about their lives in general and the human race and its confusions and sufferings, hope and despair, life and death. In between their Godly chats and meets, stories of the real human are added in the story line.

Ohh! Gods Are Online.. has a blend of humour and philosophy. The Gods share some very thought provoking pointers. I liked what Krishna said about men and women in a hurry to reach their destination, “In such a hurry to go places and then one day they have to leave it all. Unwilling to live a life of quiet existence, disinclined to, live in prayer and meditation, always chasing a thrill. Oh! man, you are evolving backwards.”

The story line is novel with an amalgamation of reality and fantasy, though has a narration which is a bit dull and bland.  The book is about the confusion of the Gods, yet their hope and unconditional love for humanity.

Rating : 2.5/5