7 Stinkers I Wish to Send

images_thumbWe all have some people around us who grate on our nerves. There are some who can spoil our mood in a flash of a second. Then there are some who simply annoy you. Well, that’s life. There are all sorts of people around. You feel like screaming on them, but you can’t…

Here’s my list of 7 categories of people who should receive a stinker…

  1. Tele-callers are the no. 1 people on my hit list. These are the pushy people on the other side of the phone who have the knack of being persistent pests and indulge in extremely high pitched sales at all ungodly hours. Selling the broadband tariff plans, to number portability, your repeated refusals to accept their products or services, or even lambasting them has no effect on them. You seethe and breathe fire but they are back with again after a few days.  To these people all I can say is, “If you ever call me again, I’m going to contact my lawyer.”
  2. Watching a movie in a multiplex for me is a serious entertainment business. I like to watch a movie from the opening credits to the last slide where they show ‘The End’. The reason I go to a theatre is to enjoy the movie experience. But there are people who come in late, talk loudly on phone, have weird loud ring tones and who have screaming, running, crying, hysterical kids in a cinema hall. Hello busters, “I know you used to have functioning brain cells, but you have now traded them for something else…”
  3. I love my books and am proud of my collection of books. I loved the joy of sharing a good book with friends till I realized that my prized possessions were either never returned back or were given back after repeated reminders and/or in a mutilated condition. A lesson was learnt the hard way, so I pasted a sticker on my library cupboard, ‘Our Policy : No lending and borrowing of books’. But the direct written words  and the subtle spoken words about the lending policy doesn’t enter their brains and they still pick up a book or two and leave you fuming. I know for sure, “You are a thief of joy, stay away!”
  4. I am not a serious grammar nazi. I understand the regular typos or the honest little mistakes we make. But regular usage of ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’, confusion between ‘its’/’it’s ‘and ‘they’re /their/there’, really gets on my nerves. Hope you know the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit!”
  5. Ok, I have an OCD for cleanliness. But washing hands after coming home or doing anything in the kitchen is plain simple hygiene manners. Please do not practice this hygienic nuisance in my home. Wash your hands and be a nice guy again!”
  6. I dial a number to call a customer care and I am asked to press #2 for English, #4 for Payments, #2 for Residential, #3 for existing customers, #1 for previous menu, #2 for new service… and on and on… and by the time it is transferred to a customer service personnel, I am tired and even forget why I had called them. Keep it simple, silly!”
  7. I don’t drive but I do know when there is a road rage, when somebody is driving recklessly. I know it is not right when people text while driving or drive with babies in their laps, people who honk incessantly or change lanes carelessly. Don’t drive stupid!”


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Images courtesy : Google Images