7 Similarities

imagesThere are some personality characteristics that a child inherits from the parents.

And then there are personality characteristics that parents teach their children knowingly or unknowingly and as a result the child acquires the same characteristics of the parents as if they inherited them.

Then, there are some personality traits that the child develops that the parents never had.

I am not dissecting on what my child has inherited from me or what I have taught him. In this post, I simply list the 7 similarities between Aaryan, my 11 year old son and me.

Here we go…

  1. Biology : A few days ago, my sister asked Aaryan about his favorite subject. Instantaneously he replied, Biology. Though he started studying Bio as a separate subject only from this year, I am beaming with pride that he shares my love for Bio. For a science exhibition a few months ago, he opted for Bio as his subject and made a thermocol model of Amoeba and Euglena and got a prize for it too.
  2. Food : We love the same foods and dislike the same foods too. South Indian food is our favoritest and we both don’t like fruits like Papaya, Melons, Watermelons. I know, whether I would like a new dish or not from the look and smell of it! And it is just the same for him, though I have tried my best to make him try dishes/fruits that I personally don’t like.
  3. Outdoor Games : I was terrible at outdoor games. The basket ball coach at school identified this trait in a week and kindly suggested that I better opt for Yoga during the sports period. It is the same for Aaryan. He tries very hard to play but is just kind of OK at various games. I remember, his outbursts when the other kids in his team would invariably consider him as the 12th man in cricket. His letters and weekly calls in the last 6 months have informed us that he has tried his best to get into his school house team for Football, Gymnastics, Basketball, Boxing and now Hockey. I am glad that he is getting the exposure to all these games and hope that soon he will find a game he enjoys playing.
  4. Swimming : When Aaryan was 4 year old he was enrolled in a summer camp to learn swimming. Seeing his reluctance to enter the pool for days, the coach suggested that I learn along with him. Seeing me in the pool, he gained confidence and rest is history. We simply love swimming. He loves beating me in our 1-lap contests and I love the glee on his face.Summer Camp 014
  5. Online / Computer Games : Guess, God has his ways of compensating. Knowing that we don’t have skills for outdoor games, He has ensured that we are proficient in computer games. We are simply awesome at these. While many would give up playing the ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Temple Run’ after some time. But not us, the mother-son duo. We can keep playing these games for hours non-stop in our quest to better our own scores.
  6. Tears : We both are so very sensitive that a drop of a hat can turn our tear glands into taps. I am getting worse though with age but I am glad that the boarding school is toughening him up and we rarely see those emotional or silent tears.
  7. Movies and Shopping : Aaryan and I, both love watching his age appropriate movies and shopping. Aaryan is a perfect companion for both these activities. We both love shopping in the mall and do so from morning afternoon to evening and enjoy the outing thoroughly.

What personality traits have you inherited from your parents and/or are common with your children?

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