Day 2 and Just Scraping Through…

October is a terribly busy month for me, both at work and at home. Despite knowing the hectic pace of life that I’d be having this month, I decided to participate in the October Ultimate Blogging Challenge and NaBloPoMo. Yeah, I guess, this is a perfect example of ‘being stark raving mad’. And to add to this, it is day 2 and I have NO thoughts or ideas to write today’s post!

After surfing the net for a good 2 hours, I came across this prompt which says:

Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

The nearest book is Jamie Does… Spain Italy Sweden Morocco Greece France

This is a cook book and Jamie is KG’s favourite chef.

We have a dinner party at home and he is cooking a chicken dish from this book. Have you observed that we have a dinner party at home and I am busy writing a blog post! Yes, the perks of having a husband who is passionate about cooking!

Coming back to the tenth word… it is FOLLOW. The Google Image that I have picked up is this one…


This image which represents FOLLOW brings to my mind the ways in which FOLLOW can be used…

  • I followed the maid to the kitchen. (To come or go after)
  • I blindly followed the instructions given by the GPS on the phone and ended up taking a much longer route. (To go in the direction of)
  • I choose to follow the guidance of the Reiki energy in my day to day life. (To accept the guidance, command, or leadership of)
  • I usually follow the recipes given in the cookbook faithfully and they turn out great! (To keep to or stick to)
  • “Are you following what I am saying?”, this is my frequent question to Aaryan. (To grasp the meaning or logic of)
  • I have seen that the more I follow the pathway of my intuition the clearer the path gets. (To act in agreement or compliance with)

Ah, a post is done… so random and so time-pass. I guess, if I need to complete this every day blogging challenge, I need to pull up my socks and get my act together.

Linking this post to the Ultimate Blog Challenge and October’s NaBloPoMo.