I Don’t Understand This

The other day, I saw an advertisement for V-Guard Water Heaters on television.

The advertisement shows that a woman is traveling in a crowded bus and a pervert touches her inappropriately and then later she is eve teased by 2 men.  All these troubling issues the woman faced are shown getting ‘washed out’ in a shower of hot water. The voiceover says ‘Dho daliye roz ki parishaniyaan, perfect hot water bath ke saath. V-Guard Water Heaters’.

I found this on the YouTube, which looks like is the complete advertisement and has other issues like colleagues gossiping at work and an abusive boss as well.

What is this advertisement trying to tell us? Or what were the thoughts behind this storyboard?

Is this advertisement trying to tell us that one can wash away such irritating-harrowing-disgusting experiences with a hot water shower?

Does this hot water shower washes away this irritating-harrowing-disgusting experience of somebody harassing you,  from the memory too.

Experience, books, newspapers says that such experiences which outrages your modesty stays with you, haunts you, leaves you with psychological scars, for a long time and sometimes forever. So, I am wondering how can these be washed away by a hot water shower?

Looks like these humiliating experiences which most women go through daily, can be washed away from the thoughts, the memory just like one can wash away the dirt, germs and grime. Of course, it has to be hot water shower and not a regular cold water shower.

Or is this ad saying that the incidents of eve-teasing and molestation are as casual as the dust or grime we come across on our way? Or is it suggesting that this menace of eve-teasing and molestation is an acceptable norm of our society?

V-Guard has had some weirdly funny advertisements for its Inverter/UPS in the past too. Link. But this advertisement for Water Heater is something that I am not able to comprehend or understand the sense or logic behind it. Can you please explain?