It’s a First…

I had been observing him for a long time. This time when I saw him again, an idea hit me. I chatted with him and took his phone number. He was too sweet and introduced me to his parents. With hellos and smiles, and general chit-chat, it was time to discuss business. With a lot of apprehensions, I shared my idea with them. I was expecting some resistance from their side but they floored me with an instant happy YES! In fact, they had been wanting for such a thing to happen for a long time.

I shared the developments with KG and he was perfectly in sync with it too.

We discussed the plan with Aaryan and he was non-committal about it, initially! Finally, a day before the D-day, he showed some reaction by flooding his eyes with tears! We tried to understand his reaction and addressed his concerns. And we had a boy who was all excited and who looked forward to the experience.

Yes, for the first time in 2 years, Aaryan went without me or KG, to school, after his Diwali break.

Last night, he went with his school mate and a senior from our city. With loads of instructions and guidelines, the 2 boys boarded the Volvo bus. Aaryan was thrilled to realize that he is considered a big responsible boy.

Since, it is a single bus that plies between the 2 cities, and also that we are frequent travellers, the bus driver and conductor were familiar to us. A word to them about the 2 boys and we were assured of their safety.

Today, in the morning, I got a call from an unknown number, I received the call and it was my big baby boy, calling from an STD/PCO at midway. What made me happy was that amongst the million instructions that we had given to Aaryan, calling from an STD/PCO was not a part of that! He informed about the first half of the journey and that at the midway he met some more school mates who were traveling in groups too and a mishap that he had lost his spectacles sometimes during the night! He had kept his glasses in the bus seat pocket before sleeping last night and it seemed they slipped from there and travelled elsewhere!! The boys searched but couldn’t locate the pair! Fortunately, he has 2 sets of glasses at school.

The whole morning after that was spent in looking at the wall clock and waiting for the clock to strike 2 pm and the phone to ring! And it did ring to inform in a happy chirpy voice that he is back at school.

A new experience… a step towards being responsible for your own self.