Emotionally Toxic People

what has been draining your happiness

… The Emotionally Toxic People.

Yes, the people who under the garb of friends and relatives suck the life out of you.  A chat or a meeting with them leave you drained and add so much of stress in your life.

  • These are the people who are constantly complaining about everything.
  • Their compliments somehow also take you a step down.
  • They are fiercely competitive and are always trying to one up you.
  • They are judgmental
  • Giving unsolicited advice is their birth right.
  • They can make you feel bad about anything.
  • They gossip with you and then about you with others.

I sometimes wonder if they are our friends or enemies? Of course, they are not out rightly toxic, as they are subtly draining you and dragging you down. The truth is that all these unhealthy relationships do add stress, anxiety, hurt and even guilt in our life. They rob us of our happiness. And yes, negativity is contagious.

Removing them from our life is the best solution but somehow it is not possible always. But yes, limiting our interaction with such toxic people is in our hands. While we need people in our life, we certainly don’t need all of them. We need to let these emotionally toxic people go from our life, without feeling guilty.

We deserve to surround ourselves with people who accept us unconditionally, support us, encourage our ambitions and dreams, and make us feel happier simply being around them.

We deserve to be happy.

Dont let negative people

What are your experiences with emotionally toxic people?  How do you cope with their behavior?

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