Life Lessons

Have you come across people who add stress to your life, add worry lines on the forehead and generally mess up with your head? You spend hours or sometimes days explaining or rationalising or analysing the words or the situations with no respite. You lose your peace of mind and feel as if life has been sucked out of you. There’s fear, hurt and pain too.

And then comes a point in time, when you realize that you can’t look at things their way. It doesn’t come easily, though! But sooner or later, you do realize that you now know what is important to you. You realize that you do not need all that drama in your life and you need to walk away from all that pulls you down. You realize that holding grudges is not you, so what’s the next course of action for you?

Well, thank them for the wonderful memories that they gave you at some point of time. Thank them for the lessons that they forced you to learn. And thank them for giving you the choice to move forward.

life can only be understood backwards