Life Lessons

When he was just a 2 year old baby, a friend got to know that her only son was a special child. Though deep down she knew that something was not right with the baby but nothing can prepare you for the devastation and shock when your worst fears are confirmed. To say that she was heartbroken, would have been an understatement! She was back to her normal self pretty soon. Her son is the apple of her eyes and despite all the hard-work, stress and pain of bringing up a child with autism, she is always smiling. Am yet to come across somebody who is so positive despite the challenges that life has thrown her way.

What makes her different?

Well, it’s her perspective. I remember reading a proverb which says, ‘Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses!’. My friend chose to see the roses. How we approach life is our choice. Our thoughts and view define whether an experience or a situation is good or bad. And this definition defines our response. Like they say, no matter how bad things are, one can always make things worse with the way he views it.

So, do the adverse situations make you better or bitter?