Life Lessons

I am one of those people who’d prefer to go to the same restaurant every time and order the same dish always. While KG would never order the same dish twice, I would never tire of eating the same thing again and again! And this amused (not much) and annoyed KG, a lot. I remember, during the early days years of our marriage, selecting a restaurant for a dine out would invariably result in some arguments discussions. Of course, we got wiser with years. Thank God!

The fact is that I take time to try anything new. Be it exploring new friendships, or a new style of haircut or a dress or committing to develop a habit. I love the regular… the routines in my life. Is it because trying something new or different means exploring something unfamiliar? And does this unfamiliar translates into fear? May be, yes!

But I have seen that whenever I have tried to come out of my comfort zone, the results are often happy and satisfying. Trying new things helps to learn and grow too. New is also synonymous with challenging self and one’s limits. I remember, the scepticism with which I tried adventure sports like rappelling or white water rafting or valley crossing. But when I did that, words simply cannot describe the feeling of exhilaration. Of course trying something new may not always bring the desired or expected results. But even if the attempt doesn’t work out very well, it can still lead to growth and positive results.

So, while I am the one who would not say an impromptu ‘Let’s do it!” for a new thing, (Yes, I do need a gentle nudge or a knock on my head from family and friends), but I can say that trying new things is good. It opens you up to a lot of new experiences which are interesting, exciting, and rejuvenating and of course give you a renewed sense of optimism too.

So what NEW things have you tried lately?