On My Mind Now

I saw this prompt from Blogadda and thought of writing a blog post around it!

  • On my mind now is the time travel that I undertook this afternoon. I wanted to check a picture which I had uploaded on an old blog post! And guess what, one thing led to another, and I ended up reading so many of my old posts! It bought back so many memories which were accompanied with smiles. I am still thinking about the nearly forgotten snippets of life that I have been sharing on my blog since the last 5 years! I am so glad that I started writing on my blog and that I am recording the journey of our life and times. Thank you M for inspiring and pushing too!
  • On my mind now is the anger and the frustration over rapes in our country! When will this sort of depravity vanish from our society? When will the mind-set of men in our country change? Truly sickened and disgusted by the state of affairs.
  • On my mind now is my new house-help! After working for 5 days at a stretch, she goes missing for 3 consecutive days. This is her third week at work and she has already taken 6 leaves. The weekend is just around the corner and we are expecting some guests at home, I am truly dreading her vanishing act! Her creative reasons for taking leaves are simply amazing. The only reason I don’t feel like finding a replacement for her is that she does the work efficiently. But in my heart, I know that I may have to let go of her if she continues on her leaves taking spree.
  • On my mind is the book that I have to read and review. The initial pages are unable to hold my interest. Will try again, tonight!
  • On my mind is the dinner which should have been warmed and served, some thirty minutes ago!

What’s on your mind now?