Move On


Our family friends lost their 20-something son in a road accident, few years ago. For the parents, this harsh truth of life was difficult to come to terms to. Yes, life seemed so very unfair and cruel. Their struggle with sadness, anger, hurt, pain, grief, tears continued for some more years. They took the death of their child to heart and could not cope up with their loss and succumbed to heartache and illness. Sadness fills my heart, every time I think about them.

Are we ever prepared for such changes in our life? I guess not!

We may never completely get over the loss of a loved one. They will always be a part of our life. But in the course of time, we have to come to terms with the reality – whether it is a loss of a loved one or a loss of a relationship. We have to move on, howsoever difficult it may be or howsoever long it may take. And that’s because, there is a limit to the grieving that we can do. This makes me think about something we learnt in science years ago…when we add salt to a glass of water, there comes a point where the salt will not dissolve into the water no matter how long we mix the solution.

The loved and lost ones may always occupy a part of our broken heart which doesn’t heal back up to full. That’s perfectly acceptable and normal. It’s like having a badly hurting ankle that never heals completely, and that still pains when we dance. But we dance anyway with a slight limp and the accompanying pain. What is important is learning to dance with the pain and accepting it without judgement.

Move on it's just a chapter in the past

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