My #Cherished Object

We make memories, every waking moment of every single day….the memories that warm our hearts and even those that make us sad. Most of these memories do not register deep and vanish before the end of the day. Some last for a few days and some fade away with passage of time. Some memories may return with certain triggers and some may never re-surface again.

Through the written word, memories can be freed from the head. I have stored them on and off in different diaries, notepads, gratitude journal and more recently this blog. But my favourite way of preserving our memories are photographs. The photographs capture a moment that has gone forever and will not come again, ever!

Every now and then, I open this drawer and look at the stack of Photo Albums.


I pick up a few and flip through the album pages and let the memories dance live in front of me. I smile indulgently, I wonder at the changes, I look at something a bit lovingly… and mostly I am transported back through time and space to many old memories. In quiet moments, remembering and reflecting on these frozen moments, with loved ones or alone, is one happy and rejuvenating experience.

I cherish reliving these short flashes of life captured for eternity  and stored in these albums take me through different phases and various occasions of our life, with family and friends. Of course, most of the memories may not be captured in these photographs but these photographs act as trigger or a catalyst to rekindle some other memories too.

These photo albums which have memories from different phases of our life is my #Cherished Object.

This post is written for The Cherished BlogFest, hosted by Dan Antion, Damyanti Biswas, Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat.

Also linking to the Day 2 of the and 5 Photos, 5 Days Challenge for which I was tagged by Genevive Angela.