Something is Better than Nothing

Writer’s block is threatening to take over this blog of mine. The blog is certainly starving as the last post was written exactly 8 days ago.I push myself to dish out a super quick 55er or rant about some random thought, but the blinking cursor on the blank page has mesmerized me. I snap myself out of the reverie and reach out to my trusted memes at the Sunday Stealing.  And as always, it takes me a few minutes to get going with the Q&As of this Big Bad Meme. Why it is called the Big Bad Meme…well, I don’t know. But, here I go with their Qs and my As…

  • Is there anyone else in the room with you atm? What are they doing? I am alone at the moment! 
  • Do you show your teeth when you smile, or do you prefer smiling with your lips closed? I just checked my pictures on Facebook and in almost all of them my teeth are visible. That’s a revelation!
  • Would you rather be told the truth, even if it isn’t what you want to hear? Aah! The truth that hurts or the lie that you want to hear! Oh, without a doubt, truth always.
  • What is something that you plan to buy, as soon as you’ve saved up the money for it? Wide angle lens for my DSLR.
  • Do you play Sudoku? No. Numbers are not my forte. Word games and puzzles are what I like the most. Mom is a Sudoku addict though and she is quite an expert at solving them.
  • Have you ever had a migraine? Thankfully, no.
  • What was the last book you read for pleasure? Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna. Really liked her style of wit and humour.
  • What was the last item of clothing you purchased for yourself? Some tops.
  • Your first serious relationship, do you still talk to him/her? Yes
  • Who is the last person you texted? My best friend from school days. It’s her birthday today.
  • How close is your family? Very close-knit! Touchwood!
  • Is there anything too serious to be joked about? Yes, lots of things, but there’s a difference between handling a tragedy /trauma / pain with humour and making jokes about it.
  • Do you like to understand and have good knowledge of things? Absolutely!
  • What is worse? Back pain or shoulder pain? Certainly, back pain. It troubles me a LOT, especially when I have to stand for long hours!
  • Have you ever almost fallen off of something high off the ground? Oh! Tripping and falling is my middle name.
  • What’s one fruit you love in drinks? Lime
  • What is something simple that you’re afraid of? Lizards. Yesterday, I found a dead lizard in a corner and it freaked me out. Had to call my maid who was working at the neighbours to remove it. She was laughing at me even today as she couldn’t believe that somebody could get scared of a dead lizard. Of course, she doesn’t know that I was a Bio student once had dissected hundreds of animals without a qualm in my younger days!
  • Has this weekend been good? Yes, pretty relaxing!
  • How much time do you take to get ready in the morning? Depends on the available time. Last month, at a training workshop, after silencing the alarm, I decided to get that 5 more minutes of sleep. And when I opened my eyes and looked at the phone clock, I jumped out of bed in an adrenaline-gushing state of emergency! I just had less than ten minutes to reach the conference hall. I got ready in record 5 minutes with bath et al. I created a personal record of its kind that day!
  • Last movie you watched in a theatre and with whom? Tanu Weds Manu Returns in Shimla with Aaryan and his friends and their mommies. The boys were not keen to watch it but we forced it on them as we had 4 hours to kill before it was time for the scheduled departure of our bus.

Aah! Finally a post is done! Something is better than nothing! Do you agree?