Facebook Reactions : Causing Havoc and Grief

Facebook’s Like Button has got 5 new friends. By hovering over the good old Like button, you meet   *Love*, *Haha*, *Wow*, *Sad* and *Angry*. So, now your simple update can generate five different reactions and you have more ways to express and engage on Facebook.

Since the company announced the arrival of these Reactions, there’s a lot of excited anticipation on Facebook.

FB Reactions

And now that these Reactions are here, I think they are going to cause much havoc and grief than it’s worth. Here’s why…

  • You will be wasting spending more time than ever on Facebook. For now, you will be taking the time to first hover the cursor over the Like button and then deciding whether to Love or Haha or simply Like that status or picture.
  • You will be over analysing your relationships. ‘Oh, she just liked my picture. Jealous B!’, ‘Oh My God! He LOVED my status!!’, or ‘Why is he loving all my pics and updates?’
  • With the earlier just the Like button, Facebooking was simpler. All you had to see was the number of Likes your update or new profile pic got. But now, you will have an additional task at hand. Yes, you will be tracking how many Loves, Wows and Hahas you got and if you are the one who’d also track from whom you got these reactions and why too, then I wish there was a *Rolls Eyes* reaction too!
  • This Haha reaction may cause some real misunderstandings. Is the person who Haha-ed your update, laughing with you or laughing at you?? Think before Haha-ing any update!! Wow
  • Your life will get more complex. In the good old days know you knew what your friends like or ‘Like’. But now you will have a tough time understanding and knowing who thinks what and may be ponder ‘Why?!’ 
  • Warfare!! Yes, these reactions have the potential to start a mayhem on a post with heated debates and arguments. You can relax for the time being, as these reactions are restricted only to main updates / posts and are not applicable to the comments. But that day is not far when you would show reactions to comments too! I need a *Shudder* reaction. 
  • Grammar Nazis will have one more reason to crib and/or revolt because soon friends will say, “I Sadded his post of tragic accident”.

sad[3]Of all these 5 reactions, my vote is for *Sad*. I think this one was certainly needed. No, don’t get me wrong. Allow me to explain.  Earlier, the sad and tragic news or update too received Likes.  That appeared to be truly insensitive and crass. Why people Liked such news is beyond my comprehension, still. I mean they can simply express their concern or grief in the comments. Anyways, now, you can express appropriately and share your *Sad* reaction without typing any comment!

Now that these new reactions are here, we can’t do much about it, but I seriously wish that there was a *Dislike* and a *Rolls Eyes* button. Hope that they are rolled out in the near future.

In the mean time, have a good time reacting on Facebook.

What’s your take on these new Facebook Reactions? Loved them? Or it’s Haha or Wow for you? Or are you Sad and Angry too? Do share your Reactions!