Challenging Self

It has happened again. Is it permanent? The mere thought has sent shivers down the spine!

Yes, I am not able to write.

I tried the whole day…no… a few hours actually, thinking, imagining and writing some 100 words for the phrase prompt at BAR.

And the result?

Well, if those words were written on paper, I would have crinkled it into a ball and thrown in the far corner of the room. Since, that was not the case and it was my beloved laptop which had those obnoxious 100 words, I merely pulled my hair in frustration.

The guilt of having not written a single word on my blog since the last nine days is overwhelming me. I have signed up for the April A to Z Challenge and with the current state of mind, I have half a mind of pulling out of it. But the other half is the reason I am here today. It is pushing me, challenging me and look, I have taken the bait!

I have given myself 10 minutes to do a free write and get done with a post. And I am determined to do these free writes till I actually get into the groove of writing. I am hoping that this will build the momentum and it will help me to push myself and test my limits. Looks like a post is shaping up and I am breathing a bit easily now.

In other news, Aaryan has injured his knee while playing football at school.  It’s a ligament tear and a plaster cast has been applied to hold the knee for 3 weeks. He is fine and is able to walk around and is attending his classes at his boarding. But I am stressing about it and harassing the life of the nurse at the school infirmary and the Dorm Matron by calling / pinging them frequently! Thank God for they are nice people and have not blocked my phone number as yet!

Eight minutes are over and I must wrap up this post. Have a early start in the morning, work and travel beckons. Will write another post tomorrow from a hotel room, probably… no definitely!

In the mean time, may I request you to suggest some memes, tips, prompts that my right part of brain (which is currently pretty challenged) can take up easily! TIA!

Challenging self