21 Random Facts About Me

I can never resist writing list posts. When I saw this prompt for Friday Reflections, I knew that I had to do it. And also because, my blog is starving. So here I am with some known and some unknown 21 random facts about me…

  1. I love, love, love reading books. I can read from morning to night and sometimes till early hours of the morning.
  2. Everything, I do starts with a list. 80% of the times it is diligently written in a small notebook and rest of the time in the grey cells. But whatever task is at hand, it’s 1….2…3…4… for me!
  3. I absolutely love tea. And I love to have it in total peace and quiet around me.
  4. I have an OCD for washing things. When I buy something, the first thing I check is whether it’s washable?
  5. Keeping my home neat and clean is an utmost priority for me and usually it takes precedence over cooking food.
  6. I can’t dance to save my life.
  7. I love my gadgets more than my jewellery.
  8. My Me-Time is very important to me.
  9. I can’t stand the drama in Hindi serials, news and reality shows.
  10. I have learnt driving thrice and still can’t drive.
  11. I suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.
  12. My face gives me away even when I stop myself from saying something. Every. Single. Time.
  13. I am very straightforward and believe in cold, hard truth rather than saying what people want to hear.
  14. I believe in power naps and it makes my world a better place.
  15. I am very meticulous or so I like to believe.
  16. I am not very experimental with food. More often than not I’d prefer to go to the same restaurant every time and order the same dish always.
  17. I am fiercely loyal in my relationships.
  18. My tolerance to cold weather is pretty less. I cover myself in layers when it’s pleasant weather for others.
  19. I tend to overthink and overworry!
  20. The only exercise regime that I can follow for long is swimming. Rest, just die a very early death.
  21. I believe in the power of prayers.

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