Deo Stick Online for Men and Women

If you thought that Deo means spray, then think again.

Cinthol has launched Cinthol Deo Stick which is labelled as ‘DeoReborn’.  Cinthol, with its brand philosophy of continuous reinvention has introduced an innovative product in the deodorant category. It could have come as a deo spray, but it chose to sacrifice and is available in a revolutionary form. Yes, Cinthol DeoStick is a cream based deodorant like you have never tried before.

Watch the quirky television advertisement here…

Cinthol DeoStick …

  • Is soft and gentle on skin image
  • Has 3x long lasting than ordinary Deos as it is made from cream formulation and not spray
  • Is available in 3 variants for Men as…
    • Rush – To kick start your day with a burst of awesome
    • Intense – To feel alive right from the word go
    • Energy – To go about the daily grind, feeling energized
  • For Women the 3 variants are image
    • Aura – A fragrance that’s sure to let you and the people around you feel alive
    • Swirl – The fragrance that makes you get up and go chase life
    • Spark – To give your day a head-start with this awesome fragrance
  • Buy Deo Stick Online for Men and Women at Rs 69 for a 40 g pack.

Watch this film to know how Cinthol DeoStick has to be used or follow these steps…

Step 1:  After a shower, take the Cinthol DeoStick and gently squeeze out a small amount.

Step 2: Directly apply onto your skin, moving the tube in a circular motion. There is no need to use hands for application.

Have you used Cinthol DeoStick? How has been your experience? Does this new form of DeoStick appeal to you?

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