99 Things I Hate

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99 Things I Hate… OK, hate is a strong word. Let’s say these are 99 things that annoy me or drive me up the wall or make me red-in-the-face or plain raving mad!

I had done a post on 99 Things I Love, some years ago and absolutely enjoyed writing it. Inspired by that post, I thought of jotting down things that get my goat. No, all these 99 irritating things are not at the same level. They bring out negative emotions me in varying degrees.

So, here I go with my list of petty little 99 Things I Hate…

1. People calling dear to all and sundry

2. Selectively replying of comments on blogs

3. I-Me-Myself syndrome

4. Painfully (and ridiculously) obvious pieces of advice

5. The selfie kings and queens on Facebook

6. Holier-than-thou attitude

7. Talking loudly in public spaces

8. Unhygienic food joints

9. Writer’s block

10. Selectively replying to birthday wishes on Facebook

11. Arguments and wars on Facebook and Twitter

12. Arm chair activists

13. Books with poor editing

14. Books with crappy ending

15. People who don’t return my books back

16. Loud burps

17. Ironing of clothes


18. Messy bathrooms

19. Everything on FM radios except music

20. Reality shows on TV

21. Saas Bahu sagas on TV

22. Being taken for granted

23. The ‘Others’ Folder on Facebook

24. Creeps and perverts

25. My sweet tooth

26. My aversion to exercise regularly

27. Drama in real life

28. Crappy internet

29. Hotels with no (free) wi-fi

30. Noisy eaters

31. Driving. I have learnt it thrice and still can’t drive.

32. When people force me to dance and that is when I can’t even dance to save myself

33. Out of control WhatsApp group chats

34. PDA

35. Doctors who don’t listen

36. People who decide to respond to texts whenever it’s convenient for them

37. Non-stop hiccups

38. Disinterested shopkeepers

39. Poor customer service

40. Washing clothes in the washing machine with a tissue paper in some pocket

41. Washing things and damaging them in process

42. Screaming kids

43. Telemarketers

44. Attention seekers

45. Feeling anxious for no reason

46. Paying for haircuts that I don’t like

47. Getting up in the middle of the night and then not able to sleep

48. Non-removable stickers or price tags on crockery and utensils

49. Higher shipping charges on online shopping portals

50. Heartache

51. Mushy bananas

52. People hating what I like

53. People liking what I hate

54. SMS lingo

55. Bad hair days

56. Being clumsy

57. Jealousy

58. ‘Friends’ who never pay

59. Recycled and thoughtless gifts

60. Finding other people’s nose in my business

61. Grammar Jews

62. ‘This page can’t be loaded’ message especially when I am posting a comment on a blog and I have not copied the comment as back-up

63. People behaving differently in a group

64. Wasted parking space

65. Seeing kids display bad manners and their parents ignoring it

66. Embarrassing moments that play on loop in my head

67. Drama queens / kings

68. Deciding what to cook

69. Facebook pokes

70. People who don’t respect their commitments

71. Procrastination

72. People who don’t value my time and efforts

73. Pigeons and their menace

74. Skin tight leggings

75. Unrealistic love stories in books

76. Dog ears in my books

77. Plastic people

78. Break-ups

79. People who talk loudly on their mobile phones

80. Pushy sales people

81. Unreasonably expensive things

82. Smug people

83. When I find that I have nothing to wear

84. Teleshopping advertisements

85. Politics

86. People dying way too young

87. Foot in mouth syndrome

88. Seeing people pick their noses

89. Mind games that people play

90. Emotional blackmail

91. Frequent software updates on my laptop and phone

92. Hypocrites

93. Autocorrect mishaps

94. Poor attention span

95. Over dependence on technology

96. ‘Share if you agree’, ‘How many likes for this…’ kind of posts on Facebook

97. Herd mentality

98. Twisted captcha on websites

99. Forgetting passwords

Phew! This is finally done. Can you believe that this post was a work-in-progress for over 3 months. I remember writing 99 Things I Love in a jiffy. But listing down things I hate was not easy. Is it because love is stronger than hate?

Which things annoy you truly, madly, deeply? Do share in the comments box.