7 Ways to Get Food Inspiration

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There are days when you just don’t know what to cook, this is my perennial problem though. There are times when cooking a simple meal is a task and the take-out menus look more appealing. Or you keep cooking the same old dishes and have a cooking rut. These are all signs of loss of cooking inspiration. What do you do when you lose your cooking mojo?

Here are a few ways to regain your food inspiration.

1. Clean Organized Kitchen

KG cooks up a storm and when he is done cooking, it’s as if a hurricane has hit our kitchen. But when he starts cooking, he needs a clean and well organized kitchen. Since I have OCD for cleanliness and orderliness, we make a great team in the kitchen! Dirty dishes or the general clutter can be irritating and can put your mood off. So take time to organize your kitchen shelves, cabinets, utensils, refrigerator etc. to have a positive and happy frame of mind to have fun in the kitchen with food.

2. Stock your Pantry

They say that a well-stocked pantry and fridge is like money in the bank. If you have the basic ingredients on hand, putting together a meal is easier. Of course, you need to figure out what ingredients are essential for you. For example, various types of sauces, cheese, spices, dried herbs, eggs, dairy products, snacks along with grains and fresh vegetables are a must in our kitchen.

3. Pull Out Cookbooks

This is our go-to place to find cooking inspiration. Flipping through recipes and looking at the amazing pictures does the trick.

4. Cooking Shows

I don’t know why we buy the Mega Pack of Tata Sky when all my boys watch are cookery programs. Seeing the various chefs and food experts cook, can do wonders to your inspiration. KG loves watching the various techniques of cooking or finding newer ways of using an ingredient so that he can practice the same later. The egg yolk in a kheer was inspired by Rachel Allen : Bake!

5. Wander Around a Food Or Super Market

These days our markets are flooded with so many national and international food varieties that we are spoilt for choice. Also the fresh produce with various colours, shapes, flavours and smells at the local farmer’s market truly tempt you to find ways to use them in your meal. Pick up an ingredient you love but haven’t cooked in a while.

7 Ways to Get Food Inspiration

6. Eat Out

The newer fusion restaurants certainly can be very inspiring. The other day, I had Four Cheese and Garlic Pizza at Farzi Cafe and it was absolutely yum and had such an unique taste and flavor that I will certainly try it at home. Looking at the restaurant menu or a dish that you tried there can certainly inspire you to give your own spin to it.

7. Challenge Yourself

Rummage through your pantry and fridge and make use of the available ingredients to make a meal. Or use left-overs innovatively. Or challenge yourself to find a new recipe from a different cuisine and give your twist with the available ingredients.

Got any more tips for getting out of a cooking rut? What inspires you to cook? Please share your comments below.

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