Better Luck Next Time!

India has been knocked out of the ICC T20 World Cup! Yeah, I am not saying anything new. Everybody knows about it.

And everybody is venting out their ‘Expert Comments’ on the debacle.
Lack of consistency, powerful side only on paper, Dhoni is out of form, absence of Sehwag, over confidence, not good bowling choices, poor captaincy, lack of rest, IPL, poor fielding effort, Dhoni effigy burnt in home town, are just some of the reactions of the post match analysis.

I am a Passive Watcher (like Passive Smoker, I mean) of cricket, but last night I stayed up late to watch the match and during the final over when the going was tough, I accidently changed the channel and when I returned back, I found that a six was hit by Yusuf Pathan. I immediately changed to another channel believing that my ‘not watching the match’ can result in India’s victory!
But it was not meant to be!! I know we all are shocked and disappointed. But, hey, take it easy!

Expecting India to win all matches or championships is just not right. Did you get 100% marks in all the subjects, in all the classes of your academic career? I am sure, your answer would be a “NO”!

Given the fickle nature of cricket and more so for this short form of cricket, you win some and you lose some! And this applies to our team too!
‘We are more disappointed than them. India is an emotional country but we gave out best.’ said the Captain.

I agree, Captain! Better Luck Next Time!!

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14 thoughts on “Better Luck Next Time!

  1. actually cricket and sentiments should’nt be mixed we should have sportsman spirit and face situation yesterday i saw a news channel where exprerts were saying such unusual field setup by dhoni led to defeat while if india have had won then same experts would have praised it..

  2. two persons had prdicted this decades back … i mean a week back … one was ravi Shastri, and the other was myself … so it didn’t come quite as a shock … in fact i had written a blog post on the same …

    btw, was ur mood … er … bloggy throughout the night? and what happened to ur new look blog? hired a pro?

  3. @tuplu : Yeah, most of the time, we and especially the Media behave like a “bin painde ka lota”! Know what I mean??

    @Subhayan : I read both the predictions!!
    New template was creating some probs. Am on the JOB!! 😀

  4. Hey Shilpa I liked your views and I agree to them.It will be not fair to expect the Indian team to win every match, because we ourselves can’t succeed in everything we do.But world cups are important; these are like board exams u have to perform well :p.Australia defended the one-day world championship title for so many years in row.

    It is necessary to introspect and scrutinize ones action at the end of day otherwise we can’t know our mistake let alone learning from it.But yes the criticism should be constructive.

  5. We can’t blame them for the defeat.They tried there best.One of the reason for Indians defeat was , our side was quite inexperienced,then sewag matter,short balls and apart from last time,most of the dhonis gamble didn’t work this time

  6. Hey Shilpa,

    Came here from the title. Fell in love with the content. Though I agree with what you said about India in T20 I think they should have tried harder instead of running around IPL. But as you say BLNT 🙁

    Keep posting.

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