55 Fiction: A Farce

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. Read for the first time at The Chronicles of a techie.


Here is my First Attempt at Fiction and my First Attempt at 55 Fiction!

A Farce

Sitting on the terrace, one early morning, they smiled as they sipped their tea. They laughed when a squirrel came close. They cheered as the kids played ball. They hummed a silly new song together. What a Bliss! And then a phone call… “Ya..Chetna er Chetan…Tell me… yes…no” and she knew it was all over.

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14 thoughts on “55 Fiction: A Farce

  1. Great attempt..and of course a great result! 🙂

    The story leaves numerous interpretations!! WHat finally happened? What was that phone call about? It would be definitely there in your mind…do share.

  2. @ Amrit: Thank you Amrit!!
    Yes there could be lot of interpretations. You tell, me what you thought, I’ll share my idea soon! 🙂

    @ Vipul: What a coincidence! I checked yours 55 Fiction! Its good!

  3. @ Dhiman: Thanks Dhiman!
    I just followed the words of wisdom I read somewhere: “CREDIT IS GIVEN WHERE CREDIT IS DUE” 😀

    @ Subhayan: Thank you Subhayan. And you must try it too! All the best!

    @ Shankar: Thanks Shankar! There’s a first time for everything! Even this one is my First. Go for it!! Good Luck! 🙂

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