I See…

There lived a Somebody in some far off place.
That Somebody used to fidget with her Laptop from morn to night. It was some work and more of fun ‘work’!
Then one fine day, she felt her eyes were strained and tired.
The Pharmaceutical Professional in her diagnosed the problem as Weak Eyesight due to excessive staring at the Laptop screen.

Promptly, she called her husband and told him about the need to consult an Ophthalmologist.
The husband actually wanted to yell at her for being glued to the Laptop like a leach but didn’t wanted to invite the wrath of the woman so instead with concern, told her to immediately see the doc.

So, Somebody called up the Opthal’s clinic for an appointment only to be told that the doc was out of town.

Meanwhile Somebody started imagining her new look…but of course with spectacles. Sometimes, she was wearing the rimless framed spectacles and sometimes a rectangular metallic black framed glasses….

Then there were the kid’s exams which were actually her exams, so meeting with the doc was postponed for some more days. And all this while, Somebody was getting paranoid, believing, a delay in seeing the doc was directly proportional to the deterioration in the eyesight!!

Finally, the D-day arrived and Somebody met the doctor. 

The doctor did all the mandatory eye tests…Somebody was made to read the alphabets on the Snellan Eye Chart and later the doc saw deep into Somebody’s eyes through the computerized machine. After looking some more with the bright torch light…he got down to his business of writing the prescription.

And the prescription read… Rx – Computer Vision Syndrome
and below it…Eyesight : 6/6

And then he paused to explain the CVS, which is a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted, uninterrupted periods of time. Some symptoms of CVS include headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, eye strain, dry, irritated eyes, and difficulty refocusing the eyes…

Somebody was suggested to follow a very interesting rule…”20-20-20 rule”: every 20 minutes, focus the eyes on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

After listening to all about the condition, the do’s and don’ts, etc,  finally Somebody asked with a sinking feeling, “So, you mean that I don’t need glasses?”

The doctor gave a wide benign fatherly smile and said, “NO! But just follow that 20-20-20 rule”.

And almost inaudibly, Somebody said, “I see…”

And dang, was Somebody dejected????
With dashed hopes and thwarted expectations, Somebody walked back home with a heavy heart!

Image Courtesy : Google Images

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36 thoughts on “I See…

  1. I dont feel that this quite fit into the label rants. Shilpa dont worry you can wear powerless glass if you so desperately want to wear them :D. I see you cant see clearly btw how is the 20-20-20 treatment going?

  2. Blame it on farmville :p

    On serious note, my eye doc too suggested the same prescription when i met him for something floating in my eye that i mistook as my super vision to identify bacterias floating in air!

  3. Why the fixation with glasses? Maybe since I’m so used to it, I simply don’t get it.. 😀 Although I agree on one account – It does make ANYBODY look “intellectual” !!!! 🙂

    Congrats on the 6/6 vision. Nicely told Shilpa.

  4. Shilpa!
    Somebody is surely lucky as she don’t need to worry about the instant murky googles when stepping out of conditioned spaces or don’t need to worry about the timely breakages whilst stepping out for some functions…:)
    However, improvised looks assured with spectacles on.

  5. So what happened to the glasses somebody wore before seeing the doc… 20-20-20 certainly helps …. so keep doing it and continue having 6/6 vision …

  6. A fun post…lots of subtle humor…liked it!
    Cheer up girl…u are lucky…ask those who cant do without glasses…they are necessary evils..a pain!

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

    So.. ‘somebody’ missed out on the very fashionable “I’m an intellectual” look 😉

    PS: ‘Somebody’ can still make amends with zero power glasses… what… ???

  8. btw… the ‘choshma’ (chashma in hindi) is described in Bengali as “naker upor boshlo, kaan duto dhorlo” (tr: naak ke upar baithke, dono kaan ko pakda)

    ‘Somebody’ needn’t worry 😉

  9. @ pawan : Yeah somebody sure is lucky but it has still not dawned on her! 😀

    Hmmm…20-20-20 rule is simple and effective method to combat the stress we give our eyes!

    Do that!!

    Cheers 🙂

    @ vEnKy : Well, I believe it classifies to be in that category! :p

    Thanks for the suggestion…hope that Somebody takes it up. My guess is that she will not use powerless glasses! 🙂

    20-20-20 is done when the tiredness oozes out of each and every cell of the eye! 😛

  10. shilpa, this somebody was me too 3 months back…the only difference was I got zero number glasses made cos I love wearing them…and 20-20-20 is a blessing my dear friend…thanks a bunch :)))

  11. @ garima : You laughing at my crushed hopes of wearing glasses!!?? 😀

    @ Lakshmi Rajan : LOL 😀

    Cool imagination…bacterias floating in air! 😀

    @ lostworld : No fixation as such…just a passing fancy I guess! 😀

    “Intellectual” look…Hmm…good point!

    And thank you! 🙂

  12. Somebody did a great job by seeing a doc…she needs to do two things ,first is to follow 20-20-20 and second is to grow more carrots in her farm because Vit A is good for eyes .
    But seriously ,do take care Shilpa.

  13. I wish that somebody was me!lucky you,though you’re not feeling so-i assure you its for the better.And me,I go glassless and try not to grope others at functions orweddings 😛

  14. It seems a lot of people have this problem,including somebody.
    I had this problem sometime back and the diagnose was almost identical.
    Somebody is welcome to the club.
    Specs to add to one’s personality and of course-style statement.

  15. @ Musings of a lonely traveler : Thank you Mohammad. Somebody is sufficiently discouraged!! 😀

    @ Bharathi : Wow Bharathi! That’s an amazing thought to entertain…Innocent husbands!! 😀

  16. @ Dhiman : Sadly, those glasses got shattered! 😀

    And thanks 🙂

    @ Ajinkya : Am glad you liked the humor! 🙂

    I know… 🙂

    @ Roshmi Sinha : Yeah, missed something…but was not actually looking for an Intellectual look! 😀 Somebody knows that she is one without it too!! LOL!!! 😀

    Zero power glasses?..Nah! Worry…Nah!!

    That’s a good description for Chasma!! 🙂

  17. @ Vikram Karve : Hi Vikram. Yeah, this 20-20-20 rule is good and we all can use it!! 🙂

    Thank you so much. 🙂

    And welcome on “A rose is a rose is a rose!”

    Cheers 🙂

  18. @ Neha : Ah, you too!! 🙂

    And you must do this 20-20-20 too!

    Cheers 🙂

    @ kavita : That was really a good one!! Grow more carrots!! Ha ha! 😀

    Thank you Kavita…I will! 🙂

  19. @ Miss-Nobody : Oh! I can empathize with you!

    And I know too! Somebody’s best half and lil one wear spectacles! It’s actually cumbersome!

    (Nah, Somebody was not competing for an award for “the family that wears glasses”) 😀

    @ BK Chowla : Oh! Hope you are free from this CVS!!

    Somebody is glad to be a part of your club! 🙂

  20. I see…


    Interested concept…well, u know tell ur ‘somebody’ to buy herself a blue screen for the computer.
    Its portable, and a few bucks and keep u away from specs…:D

  21. It’s always great to know one is fine… even if somebody walked home with a heavy heart that day:)
    20-20-20 sounds useful… we were advised to do the same thing – but every 45 minutes,in school while studying for class XII exams 🙂

  22. @ indianhomemaker : Somebody is saying Thank you!! 🙂
    Indeed 20-20-20 is useful!
    Wow! So, this can be adapted for children when they are studying! Thanks for sharing this useful tip, IHM. (Though my kid will take many years before he sits for 45 minutes at a place to study, to practice this!! *Sigh*)

  23. Hahaha…Somebody really said I see..? LOL 😀

    You know Shilpa, after watching Mohabbatein I was so besotted with spectacles that I used the power-wale glasses of my Pappa and sis and promptly damaged my eye-sight. Now I use lens. After too many people calling me a nerd, I’m proud of it, but a girl has only so many years to show off her beautiful eyes before she gets old 😛

    • Oh! I know the feeling though… you simply want to wear spectacles. Last month, I experienced a lot of headaches and strain on the eyes. This time I was sure that the doc would suggest glasses for me. And guess what, he diagnosed the same CVS and an eyesight of 6/6 😐

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