Guest Blogger… Me!?!

Few days ago, Lakshmi Rajan from the Ginger Chai, asked me, if I’d do a guest post on his blog.

And was I thrilled??

Thrilled and happy too!!

You ask, why??


A. Just because he asked!!

B. He asked me to write on my latest passion…Yeah, you guessed it right! FarmVille!!!!!


And I did write!


So, check out my first post as a Guest Blogger on Ginger Chai.

It’s An Idiomatic Guide To Play FarmVille




And then, day before yesterday, ARJuna, a young blogger from Mumbai, (he introduced himself this way!) sent an invite to write on his blog on 11th February as it’s his birthday. And as he said, “This isn’t just any other birthday. It’s a coming of age of sorts and more importantly it is the day I cease to be a teenager. I pass on from being a Teen to an Adult. I want to take this opportunity to connect with teens and adults alike who share my love for blogging. I want to know their views on the teenage and teens.”


So, I grabbed the opportunity and thus shared “An Open Letter To My Son” at ARJuna’s Blog

A Teenager’s Perspective Of The World.


So check them out, while I play some more of FarmVille and then later, help my son with his studies!



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6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger… Me!?!

  1. Pretty soon, Zynga will contact you & make you their official mascot!!;-) At that time, you will remember my famous last words.

    Great posts both Shilpa. You are versatile – Two diametrically opposite topics managed so well!!

  2. i loved the open letter… encapsulates everything that a teen might need.

    i, personally, found the letter to be very useful, though i m not a teen any more. but.. i feel like one. 🙂

    thank you.

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