Time Travel

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A minisaga is a short piece of writing containing exactly 50 words.
Minisagas are often used to stimulate creativity, stretch one’s thinking, determine the essential elements of a story, or enhance discipline in writing.

They had an argument… a heated one at that, yet again… like every day.

If only she could go back in time, fix all the problems of the past, their present would be beautiful, she thought.

While he saw his Present to be Past and his Future had begun NOW.

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37 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Ok i got two comments for you…

    For the post:
    The post is marvelous, although you wrote it in just 50 words, but it communicated too much over it…

    For the Minisagas:
    Ok, seriously, you are exploring all forms of writing, which is ossum!!! Claps

  2. Wow !!!

    That is some insight into the male and female psyche…. !!!!

    you’ve hit home with yet another precise, to the point, pithy minisaga

    As always thought provoking !!!

    Way to go !!!

  3. Shilpa-ji… that was amazing… its just amazing how u can weave a story in such little words and yet have an impact on the reader… I have read all your posts in the last 4 months and this is one of the best….

    All the Best for BAT8

    Blog: Sensible Bakwas

  4. This is a beautiful piece of writing, Shilpa!

    I never knew words could be so powerful.. I had to read this post several times to actually understand the meaning! So profound…

    Shorter the words, deeper the meaning.

    Also, thanks for enlightening all of us about ‘minisagas’.. Really interesting concept!

  5. It actually stretched my thinking, stimulated my creativity ( may you will see it in my up-coming blogs….fingers-crossed), & will surely enhance discipline in my writing.

    Your really amazing…..you really inspiring me to give a try to minisagas & 55 fiction!!!

  6. @ Shilpa

    Very empowering!

    Loved it..minimum words sure echo the loud!

    Thankyou so much for letting us know about this MINISAGA concept. may be next time I shall also try.

    However, right now I’m dewlling in MAJORsaga…I right really long posts..this Minisaga is a huge inspiration for me!

    All the Best for BATOM!

    Luv yeah!
    Keep the Spark Alive

  7. Wow, I’ve never heard of mini sagas. And yes, as someone said, it took me a couple of reads too and well, bang on! All the luck for BATOM!

  8. got the meaning of this piece only after an explanation from you…
    and i must say…some more reflection over it made me realize that it is awesome..

  9. The bitter truth beautfully said ! n that too in 50 words ?!!! Its really good ..the hard reality , which I guess most go through ….Wonderful Shilpa ! All the best 🙂

  10. @ Sid, Aashi, Prashant, Avada, Mahesh, Vibhuti, Aativas, Tavish, Parth, Pankaja, Mehak, Sureindran, Ani-set, Neha, Rachana, Saro, Nethra, Leo, The Virgin Author, Swayambhu, Sweta, RSV, Mural, Karthik, Harsha, Shriti, Vivek, Chatterbox, lostworld, Makk, The Fool, dilontherocks, Someone Is Special, Raksha, Blogger :

    Thanks a TON for your feedback, support and encouragement. It means a lot!
    Cheers 🙂

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