200 Posts and a SWOT Analysis!

As I write this post today, the blog posts count on this blog reaches a cool 200!! Yeah, Two Hundred!! While this is the time to rejoice and have that ‘smug’ feeling, it is also the time to be a little reflective and forward looking.Post_200 And what’s better than to do a SWOT analysis for my blog.
SWOT analysis for a blog?? Yes, why not!!

We all started blogging with some objective, some thought…
And I am no different.

They say, before you do the SWOT analysis, you must have a Mission Statement.
Though the objective was clear from the beginning, but giving it words today.

So, the Mission Statement of “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose!” is…
My blog is a creative vent of random thoughts which mark the life and times around me.

Having said that, it’s the time to evaluate the Strengths,Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for this Blog. swot_img2


  •  Regularly updated entries on the blog. A post every 2nd day!! Not bad, eh!! And participated in 2 NaBloPoMos by posting 62 posts consecutively in 61 days!! Ooh! Did I do that!!??
  • Original content : I swear by the Gita (and Sita). “I affirm that no portion of my work can be considered as plagiarism”. Though I drew ‘inspiration’ from many sources! (Pun intended!)
  • Variety of flavors in the posts : Hope the variety of flavors and aromas emanating from this blog didn’t nauseate you!!
  • Simple and lucid writings : My philosophy of “Simple living, high thinking” reflects in my writing. Well, that’s partly because, original difficult and abstract thoughts never cross my mind and your difficult and abstract thoughts do not penetrate my hard tough cranium. So, you now know, the end result with this combination!? Simple!!
  • Good readership : Well that’s because of you guys! Heart felt Thank You!!
  • Some rewards and recognition : Ah, the rewards!! Blogadda Picks or being a part of Best Indian Blogs or the love from the fellow bloggers surely give you the confidence.
  • 55 Fiction : “I’m lovin’ it”. Are you??


  • Poor SEO skills : Aaah! I had only worked with CEOs.
  • Weak technical knowledge (HTML codes, RSS, pings, trackbacks etc): Well, they are other names for Greek and Latin, I know that!!
  • Poetry : What’s that?? And how does one write a poem??



  • Readership Retention : With growing numbers of blogs in every category, one could lose out on regular readers. Well, they say, “If you love something, set it free… if it comes back, it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was”.
  • Technical Problems : Blogging platform issues, server problems, data loss… Well sometimes you lose and sometimes you win!

Wow!! That was an insightful exercise. Now it’s time to focus on the Strengths, improve the Weaknesses, benefit from external Opportunities and protect from possible Threats.

Thank you everybody for making this 200-post old journey enriching and enlightening, fun and joyous!

Looking forward to loads of wonderful times ahead with each one of you here on this blog!

Cheers 🙂

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30 thoughts on “200 Posts and a SWOT Analysis!

  1. many many congratulations on completing 200 amazing posts..this is one blog where I have never felt – aah, this time, her post was bad 🙂 you have always provided wonderful content in simple language..I read only your 55ers regularly; otherwise i am not a big fan of Micro fiction.

    NaBloPoMo – twice? :O that’s something!!!

    your strengths are the reason behind your successful blogging journey. You always inspire me. A very good friend blog world has given me. I can ask you anything, discuss everything and get a level headed reply each time. Lucky to have you around.

    I feel honoured to be a part of a rose is a rose is a rose. thank you for the mention (that too, with Guria :P).

    May you write many more posts 🙂

    sorry for this post in your comment box 😛 😀 hugs :)))

  2. Congratulations!!!

    Wow …. time flies by so fast!! I was just re-collecting the time when you started blogging …and infact, scrolled through your blogs & found the very first blog was written by you on 1MAY09 on the ‘Int’l border visit’ that we all did together!! Kinda made me nostalgic …. miss our times 2gather in Jammu!

    Quite frankly, haven’t been reading your blogs very regularly but whenever I do, it always leaves a smile on my face! You write very well … keep it up!

    Wishing you best always!!

    Ciao, anan

  3. Congratulations!!! what a fantastic way to celebrate the 200th post..quite unique.

    I love the way you write, simple and lucid….
    Your knack of writing 55 fiction is your forte..

    I love the new look of your Blog..
    Thank you for mentioning me 🙂
    Your blog Rocks…

    All the best for many hundreds of posts…

  4. Wow! 2 NaBloPoMo’s .. thatz awesome! I know how difficult it is to come up with something nice everyday 🙂

    Congrats Shilpa and may we get to see many more posts like these 🙂

    SWOT analysis done really well 🙂 Thanks so much for the mention … hope I deserve it though 😛

  5. Congratz Shilpa! 200 posts is quiet a remarkable, wonderful and memorable blog-journey 🙂

    And thanks for mentioning my name in the list of bloggers you learnt something :)Feeling humbled ! 😀

    Happy Blogging !

  6. Super Congratulations!!! :))

    You’ll be a 1000 posts old but never really old… the rose will be fresh as ever! Love reading you… it’s your freshness, and difference that brings us here!

    Thanks for the mention (opputunites!!) but that’s my better half you are talking about! 😉 😀

  7. Congrats Shilpa!!!! SWOT analysis for your own blog is a very very cool idea. I truly love the way you introspect & delve deep within yourself. You also manage to portray your positives & negatives very accurately 🙂 Don’t stop blogging.

    Thanks for the mention. To say the least, I was totally floored 😀 I have read both your past Nablo’s. When’re you doing the third?!

  8. Congrats Shilpa! 😀

    This is one of the few blogs that have not been “unfollowed” by me in recent times. In fact, it’s perhaps the first blog I check for updates in my Google Reader!

    Anyways, you already know how much I admire your writing, so will keep this comment short!

    All the very best to u… keep writing (no, u aren’t just a blogger!)

  9. Congratulations Shilpa on hitting the 200 post milestone of your blogging life.
    Wishing for you many more wonderful moments of blogging glory 🙂

    I absolutely loved the SWOT analysis, an insightful post:)

    I am flattered and humbled by your sweet mention 🙂

    Keep writing…for we love reading everything you post 🙂

  10. Congratulations!!
    Kya baat hai..this is the 2nd blog which is celebrating something.
    Just wished a blogger who has completed 1 year of blogging!

    My weakness if i were to do a SWOT Analysis on my blog, would same as yours ( atleast Point 1 & 2)

  11. Many congratulations on reaching the proud landmark, dear Shilpa! I look forward to your 1000th post, soon. Keep blogging the spirited way you are known to do and with a purpose. Cheers & god bless! 🙂

  12. My best wishes and compliments on your 200th post.
    SWOT analyses for blog seems to be a unique idea(let us have GOM for others’ post).One has to have lot of confidence to face SWOT.
    You have been very consistent in your writings, your subjects, the content, honesty of purpose. Shilpa, I can go on and on and on.
    After reading your posts, even a very ordinary blogger(me included)will be inspired to come on the blogging stage.
    Good , keep it up.
    Incidentally, I am only 5 posts behind you, short by 5 posts to complete 200 posts. But, I am a bit worried now.I may not be brave to face SWOT analyses.
    And yes, you have referred my name in the post–thanks, I appreciate.

  13. Many, many congratulations and best wishes for lots more to come Shilpa 🙂

    Thanks for the mention, I am really honored and touched.

    SWOT analysis is such a wonderful idea to celebrate your 200th post with!! I am sure everybody loves reading posts about blogging experiences, it’s fascinating to see what other bloggers feel about blogging.

    Loved reading it and much as I love reading your blog.

    Once again, Congratulations 🙂

  14. WOW shilpa!thats great!I’ve been thinking of NaBloPoMo…but you did it TWICE!WOW you go girl!
    Loving your 55’s Shilpa!MORE MORE MORE!!!
    Also,thanks for the cute shout out! 🙂

  15. Congratz! Shilpa…Thanks for mentioning my name and its feels great to be an active spectator of your journey of these 200 posts….like Guria said I second 1000 posts mark…

  16. woah Shilpa you raced ahead…:D

    i remember we did had 100th post close by (some 10-15 days ka gap) and now you have moved beyond 200

    thats somethin…:D ultimate SWOT analysis…poor SEO skills… go google re…bahut milenge tereko to help you here.

    And if u need any HTML tip or code don’t hestitate to ask… i experiment a lot

  17. Congratulations Shilpa ! Your blog is a wonderful blend of personal thoughts,information and real great fiction(i love your 55).You are a genuine and insightful person who connects so well with her readers.Admiration and respect–in my heart for you ,always !

    Loved the analysis.Thanks a lot for the mention-it means a lot to me.
    Cheers !

  18. Wooohhooo!! Congratulations on your 200th post. May you write much much more. I have been reading you on and off but have started following since recently.

    Your 55’ers are amazing. What better way than to look back and retrospect your blog. Wonderful!! Your 200 is due to your strengths and due to the fact that you are open to suggestions and improvements.

    and and thanks for mentioning me. I was like “unbelievable”. Its an honor!!

    Looking forward for many more posts from you Shilpa 🙂

  19. Congrats on this remarkable achievement with both quality and quantity ….

    I would say the most striking feature of this blog is originality and honesty….and yes, the discipline (friday 55ers)

    I guess this is one of the honest, comprehensive and balanced self assessment i came across in recent times…

    keep exploring ,
    keep expressing,
    keep writing
    keep smiling..

    Mahesh Kalaal 🙂

  20. Mucho thanks Shilpa and congratulations on your 200th. What a refreshing way to celebrate :introspecting rather than a self congratulatory post.

    Btw I am much embarrassed coz my latest post is a confession of sorts of an incorrigible shopaholic 😛

    Guys scroll down for the satire!!!!

  21. Wow! Many congratulations… on your double century!

    Way to go… and more power to your pen… errr keyboard 🙂

    I have been a regular at your blog… and will continue to be so… in future as well 🙂

    PS: … but not a word on ‘farm ville’. Eh???

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