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You asked, “What’s your wish?”
Well, I don’t have a wish but a whole big wish list.

  • I wish I get a break for at least a few days. An ‘All Girls Party’ would be wonderful and a romantic holiday with my husband would be simply bliss.
  • I wish my home was clean for some part of the day. I would love to walk around the home without doing the hop, skip and jump over the toys or spilt milk or cushions that lay scattered all around the home. 
  • I wish that even the simplest and routine things like getting the spoon to the mouth or brushing teeth were not some projects.
  •  I wish teaching ABC was as easy as 123.
  • I wish I could worry a bit more constructively especially after the meetings with the specialists and facilitators.
  • I wish my determination never falter or waver, to help, to assist and to guide.
  • I wish I could deal with the toxic people and their stares and sermons, criticism and questions, a shade better.
  • I wish my support group supports me  and inspires me always, helping me to make it through the day.
  • I wish I could sleep in peace for some time.
  • I wish my child gets all the happiness and joys of this world.
  • I wish I could give the wings of confidence to my child to fly high… 

I am the mother of a child with special needs.

PS: Based on  real life experience of an acquaintance.

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55 thoughts on “Wish

  1. one of your best write ups shilpa..I do not read much about children with special needs anywhere..your post is a combination of hope, love, belief, frustration and helplessness..loved it 🙂

  2. Shilpa, this is a very touchy write-up. Each and every wish of yours is so genuine that it hovers on your mind all the time. Very beautiful blog !!

  3. My heart goes out to you…Your wishes are so real and truthful.
    As for the special child…hope caring for her/him makes you a special person…I admire people who have the energy and patience to cope and smile thru life…hats off to you! and your partner too!

  4. @ Nalini : Hi Nalini, I have seen a mother of a special child very closely, so I know her trials and tribulations of caring and nurturing for a special child.
    No, this is not me!! I don’t know, if I’d be strong enough to nurture such a special child.
    Hat’s off to all the parents of children with special needs. I have seen that they are more compassionate, determined and resilient than other parents.
    God bless them and their kids with all the joys and happiness!

  5. Loved your wish list, Shilpa !! I can so relate to these wishes, as a mom. And on the top of that, for a mom of child with special needs, it is all the more difficult !!
    BTW, your post made me be a part of BAT for he first time.

  6. @ Dil se : Thank you!! 🙂
    Wow! That’s cool. Looking forward to your BAT entry!!
    Cheers 🙂

    @ Neha : Am glad you liked it, Neha. It’s really tough for the parents and even for the siblings.

    @ Vibhuti, Binzy & Adarsh : Thanks for the words of encouragement. It means a lot. 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

  7. u amaze me wth every post Shilpa. While the rest of beat our heads writing fiction and poetry and god knows what not, you come up with such a beautiful post written with such ease. had I not seen ut reply to Nalini, I would have thought you were talking about yourself. hats off to you


  8. You have brought the emotions of the mother very appropriately….me too have known someone with a child with special needs …I could feel it in your narration….

  9. I really like the ease with which a colossal issue has been handled. No sentimental dialogues while every bit is so sentimental. I know what it means to have a child with special needs. It is difficult but there are some lovely things about them that make you do anything for them.

  10. May your child really really fly high and make you feel very very proud!!

    Straight from the heart post…seeing a BATOM -12 Winner in your post~( i m no Paul- Octopus to predict, but still have this gut feeling)

    All the best 🙂

  11. amen to all ur wishes shilpa..
    this one is good!
    i came across ur blog via BAT, first time participant, the best thing is ALL OF THIS, my fellow bloggers, it inspires, it creates hope, it is full of life..
    best wishes 🙂

  12. We talked about it yesterday, and as someone aptly said, while we were all breaking our heads with fiction you coolly delivered the goods this time!

    Beautiful, now I understand the line “toxic people” 🙂

  13. hey shilpa…
    First time, i am reading ur blog and i am quite impressed by ur writing…
    This article for BAT is awesome…
    Even i am contesting for BAT this time,
    Have a look at my article here

  14. i like this wish list. sometimes the simplest joys are the ones that seem so far, or hard to achieve.

    the one that made me laugh out loud was “I wish my home was clean for some part of the day…”

    that’s not asking much, right? just some part of the day!

    i read another blog by a woman with a special needs child. i’m happy to send you the like if you’re interested.
    take care!

    peace, love, happiness,

  15. Touching,true and terrific.
    What i liked best was the absence of any self-pity,just the hope that the heavens look down with favour upon someone trying their best to succeed against adversity.

  16. :). This reminds me of my old neighbors. Their daughter (my friend’s sister and also my friend) was special too and i saw aunt struggle but not a day did she complain. I always admired the strength she had in her.

    Very very beautifully written :).

  17. WOW !!! Am amazed by the simplicity, yet the wealth of meaning behind certain wishes !!! Hugs, this is too good a list !!! May it come true for you !!! 🙂

  18. simple…articulate…and i just loved it! and we all have a wishlist not just A Wish…so true!

    You have one more fan 😉

    All the best for BAT!

  19. Good nice & simple sweet one.I wish all your wishes come true. On similar lines, my wish would be never to wash my clothes in my lifetime. being a bachelor this is the most horrible job ! good luck for blog-a-ton,

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