A Challenging Challenge This Is..

A 30 day Blogging Challenge is sure a Challenge…

A Challenge to your lethargic grey cells to get back into super action. Writing a post a day, makes your grey cells work harder as you are constantly thinking of what to write and how to write. It makes you dig a bit deeper!

A Challenge to observe more. Because if you just look and see a bit more, anything can be blog worthy!

A Challenge when you are travelling. For instance, I am not at home and am at a place where internet connectivity is a challenge!! So, you need to work over-time before the trip and schedule 4 posts on the days you are out for work!

A Challenge to manage time… Time on the internet to think and write your own post, respond to comments on your blog and to read and comment on other blogs of interest too!

And a Challenge like this is a Commitment! So, despite everything, this May will see a post a day from me!

20 down and 10 to GO!!

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14 thoughts on “A Challenging Challenge This Is..

  1. I did not know that there is a blogging challenge as the one you took but in February, out of the blue I thought I will blog everyday for one month and I did it in March. It was a different experience for me. All the best to you too.

    • Ah, it’s an anytime challenge… I mean you can take it up anytime! You blogged everyday too??!! Wow, that’s cool!! Its good, it gives you some discipline, but on busy days its very very challenging!

  2. It sure is a tough challenge Shilpa…You are doing great so far…10 more days to go 😀
    Extra time, effort everything is required. I am actually struggling with 366 project…thinking about what to write..

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