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A few days ago, I went to a party hosted by a friend. My friend works with a company which is into multi-level-marketing of cosmetic products. As part of their business model, a group of ladies are invited for a get together. The agenda of the meeting is fun and business. So, along with some fun games and activities, details of the cosmetics are shared with the group.

We were a group of 15 women who were meeting each other for the first time and our hostess was the only common link between us, so introductions were in order. The hostess asked us to introduce ourselves.

The round of introductions started….

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3 thoughts on “My Guest Post @ Everyday Gyaan

  1. how can we ever forget what role our mothers played in our lives, my mother wasn’t a working woman, yet i thought she worked full time! irrespective of whether we are working at home, or outside, unless we take pride in what we do, we cannot expect others to do so too!

  2. Taking pride in what one does is very essential in life. Sometimes although we are happy being the way we are, the repeated comments and remarks of acquaintances makes one feel otherwise and the self-esteem takes a beating…

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