Wordless Wednesday – 98

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47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 98

  1. Awesome!! I like!
    The owner must have risen from a low paying job to this level. And he must be knowing how awful it feels sometimes. Just guessing 🙂

  2. Because you said KG clicked it at a Dhabha on Udaipur Highway, I think the Dhaba owner meant, Please don’t argue with the servants ie.. the waiters who serve you, if you have any complaint about the food or service, you can talk to me.
    I had this experience in a restaurant where they took long time to serve and finally served cold food, my husband complained to the waiter, the waiter said he was not authorized to reply to customers. Then manager/owner came forward and told him, ” don’t argue with waiters, if any problem tell me”

    • You bet! We had such a hearty laugh on seeing this! Husband clicked it during his road trip to Udaipur…. it is at some Dhabha where they stopped to have tea!

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