E is for… Emotions

Today is just the 5th day of this big A to Z Challenge and I have already experienced a myriad of emotions…

Awesome Participating in a Challenge which has some over 1600 participants from all over the world, organised by some highly professional bloggers and that it is helping me to explore a lot of things… the feeling is just awesome!
Bloggy Blogging is on my mind 24 x 7… everything I see, read is considered as an idea for a post for A to Z.
Concerned It is just day 5… will I last till day 26? I have to go out of town for a week, will I be able to schedule posts in advance?
Distracted Should I first think and write my next day’s post or should I read other blogs. The comments on the blogs need attention. What’s going on in the Facebook A2Zeders group?? Mind is galloping in different directions!
Excited Seeing the camaraderie among Indian A to Z Challenge Bloggers is keeping the excitement level high
Fired Up And this also fuels me up to do my very best!
Growing Reading such diverse writers and bloggers from so many countries…
Observing such diverse writing styles… humour, poetry, fiction, satire…
Learning so many tips and suggestions…
Whoa, I am surely growing!
Heroic Everyday challenge (ok Sundays are off) is pretty challenging. Despite a busy and hectic work schedule, I have still opted for this challenge… isn’t that heroic? Or is it suicidal!
Inspired Travelogues of such quaint new places, thoughts on so many topics, tips to write better, a peek into somebody’s life, some memories, some dreams… there is so much to absorb and learn!
Just Here While so many of the blogger friends have written so many posts in advance and are all relaxed and carefree (of course they have burnt a lot of midnight oil), while I am taking each day… each letter as it comes… just about managing…
Knitty Exchanging thoughts and views with so many new bloggers from different cities and countries is binding us in a new relationship!
Lucky So many people are reading what I write, indeed I am lucky to get their time, attention and feedback!
Missing you With so much to think, read and write for this A to Z challenge, I am missing my books, I am spending less time playing Hidden Chronicles. Oh, I am not getting read my regular blogs in the Reader too…
Nervous While, I was able to write the earlier posts relatively easily and had posted them at early hours of the day to get more time to think, read and comment and also do my regular work, but today, I am so behind my schedule on this one!!
Organized I have now 21 Draft posts ready with the alphabet picture and the beginning of title which reads like, F is for…, G is for… I am this organised!
But what that F is or what that G is, I still have to figure it out!
Pissed off When I think, think and think about a post and nothing takes shape and form the feeling is terrible…
Quiet Then, I sit quietly for a while and let the thoughts wander in different directions and then calmly sift the thoughts…
Reading Reading so many views and expressions, thoughts and ideas, tips and suggestions…
Sweaty …Leaves me a bit drained and the weather of the early April is not helpful either!
TGIF Thank God It’s Friday!!
Undecided A lot of wavering thoughts! For example for this E post, the multiple ideas that I had ranged from Escape, Eyes, Experiences, Eat Street to English is a Funny Language and even thought about Eggs!!
Vulnerable At one point of time, I even felt weak!
Wordy Words are all that I need for this Challenge…
Hugs and kisses to all the lovely people out there who are making this Challenge a reality and a big success for all of us!
Finally, this post is done!
Zen-like And I am at peace!
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79 thoughts on “E is for… Emotions

  1. Shilpa you are a real fighter! This project ,taken up by you is challenging and you will come out victorious!! You have the wishes of sooooooo many friends.Good luck.

  2. This is just so creative and out of the box post. Loved…loved…loved…this.

    My emotions exactly point after point.

    I am taking each word a day. And that has increased the pressure. I have no clue what i will write on the coming alphabets. And i have not been able to reply to the comments on my blog. I so hope that i will be able to sustain this challenge.

    XOXO to you too. <3

  3. Whoaa
    Too many emotions embedded in u and ur blog which can be “E”Choed by all
    I feel the same:-/
    This post is so creative cute and sensible connecting every one here
    Good luck for the rest of the challenge.
    Am sure U will manage

  4. I have an E word to describe this post – Epic! You really put a lot of thought and effort and emotions into this! I want to give you a round of applause and standing ovation! Good job! You captured all the emotions that we are all going through during this challenge. And now I’m all the more excited for the next days to come. 🙂

  5. Wow! You’ve broken up the entire process so well, reading your post has made me aware of some of my emotions through these last five days. Nice post. And don’t worry so much. You will not only manage this year’s challenge successfully, I predict you’ll ace next year’s too.

  6. Gosh, you actually gave us a slice of your mind in a post! Well done. Quite an ingenious way of writing a post.

    All the best for the remainder letters.

    Joy always,

  7. Don’t worry you are doing fine , and you will sail through this challenge like a breeze. I feel maybe one alphabet a week could have been better, as it is less stressful, and also most of us update with something new on a weekly basis. I have seen some bloggers do that. I first thought of taking up the challenge, and got inspired by you and wrote the blog starting with ‘A’, on the same day you did, but then changed my mind to blogging alphabetically, maybe on weekly basis. Lets see how it works. This way I don’t feel the compulsion to think and write about something at any cost, everyday.
    However, I do appreciate people like you, who despite leading such busy lives took up this slightly difficult challenge.
    Another blogger friend of mine took one photograph every day with relevant alphabet, she also successfully finished her challenge. I truly admire you people.
    Keep thinking and keep on writing.

    • Thank you, Rama for all the support and encouragement. Daily challenge is a bit challenging, true, but it is fun to experience the excitement and stress and the feeling of achievement! Loved your A… looking forward to B now!
      It is fun to blog together for this Challenge. I am enjoying it. Thank you so much 🙂

    • Oh yes, it is amazing to read and absorb so many new things! Loving every moment of it, despite some panic attacks 😀 Thanks for your support, Asha. Appreciate it! 🙂

  8. You said it lady and how! So well-put! I was so excited when I became a part of this group, I knew only Afshan, but the way everyone is bonding seems really good 🙂

    Super-Like :)!

  9. I know it’s few more weeks..but you’ll be there..don’t lose the spirit 🙂
    Loved this one as good as the other posts. you have put all your emotions so well together. 🙂

  10. A clever way of getting through with your post.
    Dont worry about number of people world over competing…
    But,there is ony one SHILPA,you,that we are all so conifdent and proud of.

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