K is for Keeps!



Is your blog your diary?
Do you think that the stories and journeys you share will become some beautiful memories tomorrow?
Will the aspirations and dreams penned here bind you to them sometimes later?
Is your blog-diary for keeps?

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54 thoughts on “K is for Keeps!

  1. Yes it is. It’s the reason I started it, because termites ate all my old diaries and I realized my memories are safer online where they are safe from teeth of any kind.

  2. i didn’t really keep a diary, but i have a scrap book that has scribbles by my school friends, college friends, teachers, people from the workplace, basically it is a goodbye book…..and trust me it is my most precious possession….! my blog however isn’t a reflection….because i write mainly fiction…though it is definitely inspired.

    • Oh those scap books, slam books from schools and college are a treasure. Your blog is a one place for all your stories, which would let you reflect on your writing skills and thoughts over a period of time πŸ™‚

  3. My blog isn’t a diary as such but I can look back and see what I did at certain times in my life. However, I do keep a paper diary and just love to write in it. I write in code so no one can read it.

  4. Yes in one way, and no in another. In the sense, I don’t write about more personal things in my blog, but sure share some important moments of life, which when I look back after, say, 10 years, it brings a great feeling. Isn’t it?

  5. In one way my blog acts as my keep. Atleast for thr books I have read & the ideas I got. But I also keep a personal scribble pad – which i can’t share.But that keeps me moving, enabling me to take the feelings out understand myself. πŸ™‚

  6. Yes yes, it does look like a diary, I like to keep throwing updates of my life into and look back and laugh at my silliness. Nevertheless, it is for keeps *sheepish smile*

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