May Photo A Day : Day 16 : Mailbox

What seemed like an easy prompt for the major part of the day, the evening cup of tea refreshed me enough to think in different directions. So, with confusion written all over me, in the evening, I…

  • Asked Vinita Kherdekar’s opinion on WhatsApp
  • Spoke to Smita Beohar over the the phone
  • Discussed with KG in the car (He had a business meeting with somebody and I tagged along with a plan to click some pictures!)

Finally, with clarity dawning over me after intense discussions on a mailbox, we spotted one in the city but with a mother and a child standing in front of it.

KG told me to hurry up and click while sitting in the car itself.

I requested the lady to move a bit, as I needed to click a pic. She asked, “Are you clicking us?”

I told her I would have loved to capture her and the smart sonny boy but today I needed to click a subject which would give me perfect wooden expressions at all times. 😉

She obliged and here is the perfect shot with perfect wooden expressions of the Mailbox…


This post is a part of May Photo A Day.

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51 thoughts on “May Photo A Day : Day 16 : Mailbox

  1. Oh I love these mailboxes. There is an ancient mailbox in Kasauli that belongs to the British era. If I ever visit Kasauli, I do not fail to stand a bit and admire it 🙂

    • Arre… they are everywhere! Are there new models of mailboxes? I have seen only these types (a few small rectangular boxes also are seen here and there) in Jaipur and at other places as well.

    • Oh yes! Yesterday when I was talking to Smita and our entire conversation was on Mailboxes… my husband had this look of disbelief which turned into rolling of eyes and then shaking of head followed by the ‘golden words’, “I thought only you were crazy!!” 😀

  2. Earlier, we had one on the road opposite to our flats. Now I don’t find mail boxes anywhere! Or maybe I don’t look attentive enough for one! I remember that postman will write the time when the next clearance is expected, on the mail box! Your pic took me into all those memories. Also, I love the fact that mail boxes have a similar design across the country 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • These are still there but guess we dont pay attention to them now-a-days!! Those were the days when we used to wait eagerly for the postman to arrive or rush to drop in the letter before the clearance time…
      The Indian Postal Dept is still functioning in the same way but our ways of communicating have changed!

  3. They are still around, but we fail to see them. At one time, each day of the week was dedicated to writing letter to some one either in the family or a friend.

    • Yeah, while he was busy with his meeting, I roamed around in the market, clicked a few random things and shopped as well. 😀
      Hurry up… we are missing The Song of Life a lot 🙂

  4. I liked the wooden expression of the mailbox. very natural.
    By the way, I have just participated in a contest-cum-giveaway, hosted by My yatra diary, on my blog, and I have nominated you to participate too. Today is the last day though.

  5. You sure know how to keep your blogging alive and kicking by taking part in amazing blogging prompts. Proud of your spirits and jealous of your meticulousness.

    Way to go. The red Post-box is a saviour of sorts – connecting emotions and people. Sadly these days it carries more of bills. I’m a proud letter writer as well.

    Joy always,

    • Yes, it has been a crazy time… first the A to Z and now this! 😀
      True, now-a-days they have lost their earlier shine and the aura.
      Wow… nothing can beat the pleasure of reading and writing a letter.
      We are back at writing and receiving letters. Aaryan has to write a letter every Monday (it is mandatory at the boarding). His letters are really sweet, while mine are like instruction manuals 😀

  6. Same pinch, I too clicked this red guy!

    Proud and tall he stands, knowing not that he would be ignored if not for the prompt, the challenge does change some lives…postboxes’ lives 😉

    • I guess they are there still, but we dont look at them. When I went out on the roads to click these, I saw so many of them though I never remembered seeing them despite passing the same spot every day!

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