May Photo A Day : Day 7 : Something Beginning With F

Goldie and Ginnie, our pet gold fishes, have been with us since 2006.

No, the gold fishes don’t live that long and given the feng shui belief that whenever a fish dies, it takes a part of your bad luck or misfortune. And you know, how life is!! So, many of our gold fishes have died since 2006, but they have been always replaced with new ones. So, though many fishes have given us company for the last 7 years, their name remains just the same, that is Goldie and Ginnie!! And since they don’t respond to their names like a pet dog or a cat would, anyone of them can be called by either of the names, as neither do they mind, nor do we!!

Goldie and Ginnie are wonderful pets. It’s so refreshing and relaxing to see them dance around in their bowl. Watching them is always a pleasure. And the bestest thing about them is that they are so low on maintenance. Just a feed in the morning and a weekly water change of their bowl, that’s it!!

No waking up at ungodly hours or even in rains or harsh winters to take them out for sussu-potty, and they never chew your favourite slipper or bark unreasonably.

You don’t have to take them to the vet for vaccinations or buy accessories and special food that costs a bomb.

Your home is free from tufts of hair and they are certainly not messy while eating food!!
They never attack or scare anyone and none of the neighbors complain about them.

I can go on and on talking about our Goldie and Ginnie, but to sum it up, they are the most beautiful friends we have at home… silently adding joy happiness and peace in our lives.

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.

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57 thoughts on “May Photo A Day : Day 7 : Something Beginning With F

  1. I usually call them Gappi. I don’t even remember at whose place they were named such. But I like the name; so any Gold Fish I meet, I call it Gappi 🙂

  2. That’s so cute…I love gold fish, used to have them as pets about 4-5 years back and then i donated them 🙂 reminds me of how they used to give me company when I would come back from work and chat with them 🙂

    • Though we used to feel bad initially when these fishes died, but now we just thank God (and the fishes) for taking away some negativity and quickly replace them.

    • I have been ignoring my husband’s pleas for ‘atleast’ fish. I have never had any pets. And my glass is already full (read too many things to do). May be when the little one grows older and wants to have one. Both of them better take care of the fish!

    • I gave in to Aaryan’s wish for a fish… because they are easy to handle and dont require any time of yours (plus the soothing and calming presence which I mentioned in the post). They just need a feed in the morning and a weekly water change.
      I am not keen on dogs as pets though both the boys of the family are in LOVE with pet dogs. We had one and it was a nightmare for me, so had to give him for adoption. So, it is a no dog in home policy till Aaryan is old enough to take him out for walks on his own and do majority of the pet’s work. Also my OCD for cleanliness is a major deterrent in having a dog at home. 😐
      But fishes are awesome in every regard. 🙂
      Go for the fishes, Reema… 🙂

    • My God, Shilpa! You’re just like my Dad in this respect! 😀

      He also absolutely refused to hear anything about a pet dog (which is understandable I guess, ‘coz it can only be the German Shepherd for me, named ‘Steele’, yeah! :D) and only very reluctantly agreed to let me get a fish bowl (that too after so much emotional blackmail and pouts and what not!)… that too AFTER we move into our own place! So I have to wait for another 1.5 years before I can get my fish, or even plants for my balcony! [rolls eyes]

      Btw, I totally loved that bit about ‘sussu-potty’ and chewing your slippers! 😀 That para apparently came straight from the heart! 😀 😀 😀

  3. I am longing to have an acquarium. Will soon have it 🙂 I loved this !!!!
    Since I saw a Big acquarium aat a cousins place I am tempted to get one and god one more good luck charm han 🙂
    They r so bful !

    • Start with a small bowl, enjoy them and then move to a big aquarium. Read more about the keeping fishes at home… you have to keep some specific number of fishes or specific types… read and then decide.
      Thanks 🙂

  4. Watching fishes swim laze about in the glass fish tank is a stress buster. I have felt it .The tension and the tightening of muscles relax without us knowing.
    An excellent therapy for hypertension with no side effects.

  5. Very cute fish..
    wE once had fish and my daughter named her “Nemo”..She lived only 2 months and we felt so bad that never got courage to get another one…

  6. cute names.. Cats and dogs are good from a distance, I can’t get myself to touch them leave alone growing them as pets. But, now I know what to get when my kiddo grows up and wants a pet 🙂

  7. Oh, that’s so cute! And they have such nice names 🙂

    I love gold fish, used to have them myself, they always huddle together when we have chai close to their water-pot, every day, and we’re like “Do they really remember, isn’t the gold fish memory supposed to last for only 15 seconds”

    • I dont think they remember anything, its just that they must be seeing some activity near them so…
      In the mornings, when I come and stand near the bowl, I see them coming up too… or guess, they know that it is the time for their feed… Dont know what goes on in their minds… 😛

    • At our place, feeding them is my irresponsibility and cleaning is mostly done by me but hubby does a good job of cleaning it too! 🙂
      Arent those benefits true?!… fishes are much better than dogs/cats 😀

  8. I have an aquarium at the clinic and it soothes my nerves to look at the water and the fish .You echo my thoughts word to word about pets.I had two cats,the cutest pair one can imagine but I had to give them up for adoption too, owing to MIL being allergic to cats ,my ocd with hygiene,all of us being out of the house the whole day and the servant unable to take care of them.I felt horrible and sad but it was in their interest.

    • Agree with you, Sharmila… We are out of home from morn to eve… what will the poor pet do at home, all alone?! It is criminal to treat/harass the pets like that!! The father-son duo are very cross with me for this rigid attitude of mine towards pet dogs but I know it is a big responsibility. You have to take care of them like a child… may be more than that! 😐

  9. Awww, I loved cute goldie and ginnie 🙂 And realized that they don’t come with the usual cleanliness and upkeep requirements of other pets… Loved the way you described the benefits of having fish as pets:)

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