UBC Day 14 : The Day So Far…

  • The only thing that can describe my current state of mind is… clueless! Well, I guess, this is the favorite comfortable state for my mind to be in, most of the time.
  • The first thing that I did today in the morning was to open the Windows Live Writer (that’s where I write before publishing any post on the blog) was to write the title of the post : UBC Day 14 :… and it stayed like this till a few moments ago.
  • My grey cells have been active since morning, trying to come up with various ideas for today’s post. The poor guys gave a lot of nice and interesting suggestions but all their ideas were shot down by the chief. They are still working…
  • The cook didnt turn up today. Today is her 4th consecutive leave. Although, I was not much hassled by her leave today (ie on a Sunday!) because I knew KG would take the reins of the kitchen in his hands today. And of course, he didn’t disappoint me.
  • He made a lovely vegetable cheese omelette sandwich. It was so rich and filling that I guess, we may either skip lunch or have a late lunch. That’s also because we had our ‘breakfast’ at 12:30 pm!!
  • Ok, let me share the reason for the delay. KG was on the phone and resolving some issues between friends. It is so sad to see parents not seeing the larger picture and being hell-bent on interfering in their married children’s lives. Their constant need to ‘guide’ and give regular approvals and disapprovals over every action. Hope KG’s counselling to the couple helps. I was impressed with the way KG objectively guided the discussion. This made me wonder about his objectivity which seriously takes leave when we two have our arguments!
  • While KG was busy on the phone, I went shopping for bread and eggs. And guess what, on reaching home, I found only 11 eggs, instead of 12. This is the second time this has happened. Will have to take it up with the shop-keeper, next time!
  • I have tried calling Aaryan some 179 times since morning and all I have heard is, “All lines in this route are busy…” It is so frustrating. We can call him on Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays, we can call on his matron’s mobile and on Sundays on the school landline. Yesterday, was our lucky day. We got to speak to him twice. It was his Town Visit yesterday and our baby called us from an STD/PCO. And then we spoke to him again in the evening. And since we are greedy for interacting with him, we keep on trying non-stop…
  • We have a busy day ahead. Meeting a few friends.
  • I am getting dirty looks from KG as he is all ready and I am asking him to wait as I need 2 more minutes to finish this post.
  • Can’t take any more liberties with his patience… it’s time to end this post. Fun time with friends await us. Hope you are having an awesome Sunday too. Enjoy!
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42 thoughts on “UBC Day 14 : The Day So Far…

  1. good the chief shot down. You still made a good post in your clueless state of mind.

    Oh and i agree about the intrusion of some parents in their married children’s lives. I know this father inlaw who refused to allow his son to buy a cot for their mattress. The son is a Sw engineer and the Dil too is a BE, MBA. And they have to seek his permission for everything. Sad, they simply toe the lines of their parents not wanting any conflict in the family. Hope better sense prevail on some intruding parents.

    • LOL 😀 You think so??
      Gosh! That’s so terrible… While this intrusion from parents is bad, sometimes, it creates rifts between the couple too! 🙁

  2. Vegetable Cheese Omelette!!!I likes.. Nothing makes the Sunday Morning special like a well marinated Omelette. Wish you have a special dinner too.. Clueless is the state of mind we should have on Sundays. .. Laze around.. Do nothing…I cant believe it is 4pm already.. I wish I could turn back time to Saturday back again 😛

    • Oh, yes, having a nicely done Omlette in peace on a Sunday is so satisfying 😀
      Yes, we had a great dinner with friends. 🙂 The best way to spend a Sunday is to laze around. I am loving that feeling as I type this! 😀

  3. May you have a word again with Aryan Shilpa before the day falls down….that’s what I could wish to make your Sunday all the more happy and satisfactory!!!

    • We finally got to speak to Aaryan in the evening. Thanks a lot, Rinku. Hope you are having a great time with sonny boy and husband too 🙂
      Cheers 🙂

  4. Have fun. Sounds like a nice weekend, with getting to talk to Sonny boy twice yesterday. Did you get through today?

    I had a good weekend too. Was mostly busy with work, but that is fun too 😀 What is not fun though is this highly irritating noise and dust, thanks to some carpentry work going on at home! Phew!

    • It was a nice weekend. yes, we could speak to him again, that day!
      Glad you had a nice weekend too! I can imagine the sight… will the carpentry work take long? But am sure it would be very satisfying to have a new look of the home 🙂

  5. hubby’s been giving me dirty looks as well…. he’s like, oh, so now ur going to be writing everyday? atleast sunday toh keep it free for me…!

    but how do i explain to him ki…ek baar jo maine commitment kar dee….toh…!! 🙂

    that ur hubby comes to ur rescue every time he’s needed in the kitchen must be such a relief….! nice to know u had a lovely weekend !

  6. As I was reading your post.. my heart was also racing.. and when i finished it was as though i just finished a small run 😛 :P… ek dum phataphat…

    That last point you wrote about KG being ready and you still writing was the scene in my house also yesterday… had to meet friends and I thought Ritchie will grab the laptop and throw.. he was waiting for me for about 20 minutes while I finished my post 😛 😛 …

    lekin phir pata liya humne ♥

    • Yes, I remember you commenting about it! Yes, on weekends the kitchen belongs to KG 🙂
      Usually, it is fun writing but sometimes, when you are stuck for ideas or terribly busy then everyday blogging is truly challenging 😀

  7. So did u finally spoke to Aryan? U reminded me of my Banasthali days and what all we had to do to speak to parents!!! I think I have written about it on my blog.

    And yummy brekfast courtesy Hubby? Good good! *how was the aftermath*?

    And ur hubby sounds like alevel headed guy!!!

    I had a nice relaxed sunday! Didn’t do much

    • Yes, the line got connected finally at 8 pm!!
      Didnt let the ‘aftermath’ situation to take place as I sorted the things as he was creating the ‘aftermath’, along with breakfast 😀
      Oh, that he is, it is only when we are arguing, his level-headedness goes for a walk 😀
      Not doing much on a Sunday is simply fabulous 🙂

  8. This is a great one! Shilpa you have given me a lot of ideas for posts and also propelled me into thinking that I hardly ever write about myself. All my posts are fiction based. There is almost no scope for people to know me or my life. Note to self my write more about my ownself 🙂

    and I could somewhere feel the pangs of your pain over not being able to talk to Aryan….

    • Oh you must write such posts for 2 reasons… one we’ll get to know about you and two… you can write such posts in a jiffy 😀
      Thanks for the concern, Richa… we did speak to him in the evening 🙂

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