55 Fiction : Commitment


She was restless. The more she tried, the more she was pulled away. The circumstances were such…
It was on top of her mind to be with her beloved.
The vacations and the exasperated looks of the family had to be ignored. She finally, was with her love and wrote this 55er for the WT prompt.

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59 thoughts on “55 Fiction : Commitment

    • Thanks… though the husband thinks I am crazy πŸ˜€
      Thank you for pointing that out… hope it is exactly 55 words now. Writing a post from the phone is a bit tedious.

  1. DespuΓ©s del verano, y la lluvia de otoΓ±o, temporada de lluvias, que es el mejor por la chaqueta, secar al aire para evitar el moho; Si hay moho, use un algodΓ³n humedecido en alcohol para limpiar con una toalla mojada, luego frote limpia, seca totalmente, entonces el conjunto es correcto. Pero tenga cuidado de no poner la exposiciΓ³n al sol, o es posible que desaparezca la ropa vieja ropa.

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