The red dot on her forehead signifies female energy.

The black beaded mangalsutra around her neck protects from evil.

The bright vermilion in her hair parting is to bring about good fortune.

These powerful symbols of marriage soon loose sheen.

For they are now dulled by blue marks and the grey clouds of domestic violence.


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61 thoughts on “STOP.

    • Well said, Jayashree. DV is a a big problem and usually it goes unreported. Behind closed doors of homes, women are being tortured, beaten and killed. It is happening in rural areas, towns, cities and in metros as well. In fact it is seen in all social classes and age groups too. The worst is that the victim rarely speaks up about it and her children are scarred for life too! ๐Ÿ˜

    • I can relate to your feelings, Vidya. It is just that domestic violence is so rampant in our country and the sad reality is that countless women live with violence and fear and cover up the problem on a daily basis too!

    • Thanks Kalpana. While DV is a crime, the victims are forced to believe that it is their fault. And since their spouses or close family members are involved, they prefer to keep quiet about it and suffer it silently. Wish they realize that they are not alone and that help is available!

    • Yes, there is an awakening and many women are vocal about the crimes committed against them but still there are a lot who prefer to keep quiet about it and suffers the trauma and the humiliation for years altogether!

    • Thanks a lot, Kathy. This post is in response to a prompt where a post should have five different colours acting as adjectives for five important words, around which write-up revolves. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Am in love with these 55 and 100 word fiction! This one esp is soo well writen…… There are times when those blue marks are not on body but on the heart..

    • Well said, Vinita, while men treat their wives as property what is truly sad is that so many women are stuck in violent, abusive and loveless marriages because it’s a social stigma to be single or divorced. Also, parents encourage the women to stick around with her husband even when they know that he is abusing their daughter!

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